Rosatom: Egyptian Kids Enjoy Polylingual Camp on the Black Sea

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Published July 4th, 2018 - 05:27 GMT
During the event
During the event

84 children from nine countries, including Egypt, attended a Rosatom initiated summer camp on the shores of the Black Sea in Turkey. Over the period of two weeks from the 5th until the 19th of June 2018, the coastline was transformed into the magical city of “Artville”, a unique meeting point where talented kids from across the globe and their team leaders worked together to make the future of the world better.

Children from Egypt, Turkey, Kenya, Ghana, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, Vietnam and Bangladesh not only live together, but learn to understand each other and work together, by truly overcoming language and cultural boundaries. The children also have the opportunity to attend one or several of the eight workshops provided and choose between theatre, dance, street art, animation, landscape gardening, engineering installation, music mixing or photography.

From the first day upon arrival the children were immersed in multilingual educational and entertainment events, staging their own immersive theater performance, curating personal exhibitions, creating educational quests as well as presenting their national cultures to other participants. The children from Egypt revelled in the multicultural environment of the camp, particularly enjoying the creative workshops and opportunities to make new friends from around the world. The Egyptian delegation in particular wowed the audience with their expressive dance performance and vivid costumes during the final team presentation.

“Do you know what the kids who have come to this camp are thinking? What do they expect of these two weeks? Many who are taking part in a camp like this for the first time are understandably nervous. While packing for my trip, I was extremely happy and grateful for this opportunity. Of course, initially I had a few worries of my own, such as the language barrier. When I arrived here, I met a lot of interesting people and can say with certainty that the experience has been an exciting one.”

Aida Ramadan, participant, Egypt

“I really liked the dance workshop – it’s amazing. Every day, we met up and had fun together. We danced, pretending to be trees. We also did a lot of exercises that fill us with energy and vitality. Our dance instructor was very kind and taught us to dance in a very simple way, without any difficult stuff. This is why I loved our workshop and hope that the performance we prepared turned out marvelous.”

Fares Tarek, participant, Egypt

“It was my first time taking part in this Rosatom School project, and I can say for sure that the Egyptian kids participating in it are happy. The camp is a great opportunity to get to know other cultures and meet kids from different nations. The camp also brings out the best in our kids – creativity, love and friendship. I like the fact that everyone wants to be at their best and I like the workshops where the kids can learn a number of different activities. I would like to thank the organisers, who are very professional in working with kids and are creating a wonderful atmosphere. Thank you Rosatom School and thank you Russia.”

Sheriff Hassan Ghed, Team Lead, Egypt

Background Information


The State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM is one of the global technological leaders. The company has assets and competencies to work at all stages of the nuclear production chain from uranium mining to decommissioning of nuclear facilities and spent nuclear fuel management.ROSATOM brings together about 400 enterprises and organizations, including the world's only nuclear icebreaker fleet. It is the largest electricity generating company in Russia, accounting for 18.7% of the country’s total generation of electricity. ROSATOM is the third in the world in nuclear power generation.The corporation is the global leader in simultaneous implementation of NPP power units and has the largest portfolio of foreign construction projects (36 NPP units in 12 countries). ROSATOM manufactures equipment and produces isotopes for nuclear medicine, carries out research and material studies. It also assembles supercomputers and designs software as well as different nuclear and non-nuclear innovative products. The company has business ventures covering various clean energy projects, including wind energy. ROSATOM has second largest uranium reserves and 17% of the global nuclear fuel market.

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