Rosatom subsidiaries supplied the first Mo-100 isotope batch to Korea for a joint international project

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Published March 14th, 2016 - 10:24 GMT

The first Molybdenum-100 isotope (Mo-100) supply to Korea is the result of a successful cooperation between SC “PA Electrochemical Plant” (part of Rosatom’s TVEL Fuel Company) and JSC “Isotope”.

The long-term supply agreement of Mo-100 (Molybdenum-100) isotope manufactured by “PA Electrochemical Plant” was signed with JSC “Isotope” (Moscow) and IBS Institute (Korea) in December 2015.

The first supply volume was 10 kg. Upcoming supplies of Mo-100 batches of 30-40 kg are scheduled for 2017-2019.

The international AMoRE collaboration will use Mo-100 isotope in the cryogenic scintillation detector to capture neutrinoless double beta decay. High-enrichment level isotopes are used for the growth process of scintillation crystals, necessary for highly-accurate detector researches.


The AMoRE international collaboration unites 90 scientists from 16 institutions in seven countries. “PA Electrochemical Plant” was selected as the Mo-100 isotope supplier due to its being one of the largest global producers of stable isotopes using gas centrifuges-based technology. This technology helps to obtain the product of a high enrichment level and chemical purity. The “PA Electrochemical Plant” Full-cycle isotope production: from inflating gas production and isotope separation inside the gas centrifuges’ cascades to obtaining of the commodity form of isotopes needed by customers. JSC “PA Electrochemical Plant” applies the technologies allowing the production of 95 stable and radioactive isotopes of 19 chemical elements. The output volume reaches up to several hundreds kilograms annually and constitutes a 30% global market share. Its isotope products are supplied to Russia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Finland, Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, India, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Uzbekistan and other countries.  

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The State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM is one of the global technological leaders. The company has assets and competencies to work at all stages of the nuclear production chain from uranium mining to decommissioning of nuclear facilities and spent nuclear fuel management.ROSATOM brings together about 400 enterprises and organizations, including the world's only nuclear icebreaker fleet. It is the largest electricity generating company in Russia, accounting for 18.7% of the country’s total generation of electricity. ROSATOM is the third in the world in nuclear power generation.The corporation is the global leader in simultaneous implementation of NPP power units and has the largest portfolio of foreign construction projects (36 NPP units in 12 countries). ROSATOM manufactures equipment and produces isotopes for nuclear medicine, carries out research and material studies. It also assembles supercomputers and designs software as well as different nuclear and non-nuclear innovative products. The company has business ventures covering various clean energy projects, including wind energy. ROSATOM has second largest uranium reserves and 17% of the global nuclear fuel market.

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