Run Jordan Concludes Last Event for 2017; Announces Ayla Red Sea Half Marathon Results

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Published December 10th, 2017 - 07:00 GMT
The prize awarding ceremony was held in Aqaba and featured many entertaining activities that filled the air with excitement and fun.
The prize awarding ceremony was held in Aqaba and featured many entertaining activities that filled the air with excitement and fun.

Under the patronage of HRH Prince Firas Bin Raad, the 13th edition of the Ayla Red Sea Half Marathon concluded successfully on Friday, December 8th, with the participation of more than 2500 runners across all race categories.

HRH Prince Firas Bin Raad, Chairman of Run Jordan attended the marathon and the awards ceremony, besides a number of VIPs including: H.E. Mr. Nasser Shraideh, Chief Commissioner of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), Sahel Dodin CEO of Ayla Oasis Development Company, Aqaba Governor Mr. Hijazi Assaf, the board members of Run Jordan, in addition to the 2500 local, regional and international runners.

Being the main athletic attraction in Aqaba, the race witnessed the participation of many foreigner professional and amateur runners from different countries in all of the race categories: 21km, 10km Fun Run and 4.2km Children’s Race. 

The results for the various race categories came as follows:

  • Male Overall 21 KM first place: Mohammad Abu Reziq (1:06:50) Second place: Ahmad Samour (1:09:07) third place: Ayman Al Soradi (1:10:42)
  • Female Overall 21 KM first place Hanoia Hasaballa (1:18:26), second place Sabreyyeh Al Maradat (1:32:48) Third place: Miriam Saleh (1:43:57)
  • Male wheelchair 21 KM First place: Ali Sawalmeh (1:15:04), second place Tayseer Al Khatib (2:08:46) third place: Ra’ed Hwaeti (2:24:56)
  • Male Visual Impaired 21 KM First place Abdul Raouf Al Khateeb (1:22:13), Second place Suhail Al Nashash (1:28:40)
  • Male Overall 10 KM First place: Ra’fat Qasem (0:30:50), second place Bashar Rhayel (0:31:14) Third place Mohammad Ateieh (0:31:23)
  • Female Overall 10 KM first place Hana Al Oshosh (0:41:39) second place Ayat Al Maradat (0:43:20) Third place Nosaiba Al Osheshat (0:43:40)
  • Male wheel Chair 10 KM First place Bilal Abu Mansi (0:37:17) , Second place: Kamal Al Tawalbeh (0:41:38), Third place: Ahmad Mahasneh (1:07:25)
  • Female wheel Chair 10 KM First place: Mofeeda Mustafa (1:22:59), Second place: Salma Shareef (1:48:02)
  • Visually impaired Male 10 KM First place: Nabeel Magableh (0:35:31), Second place: Tareq Tayem (0:56:13), Third place: Ahmad Abu Zaid (0:58:34)
  • Visually impaired Female 10 KM First place: Jumana Al Zoubi (1:16:44), Second place: Israa Abu Haija (1:34:53), Third place: Nada Al Mansi (1:49:20)
  • Children race: Males First place: Hussein Masaeed (0:14:09), Second Place: Raja Al Ghayath (0:14:18) Third place Hamzeh Rahhal (0:15:23)
  • Female First place: Ikhlas Al Shar’a (0:18:56), Second Place Farah Masaeed (0:19:20), Third place Amnam Al Oshosh (0:19:28).

The prize awarding ceremony was held at the Revolution Square in Aqaba city, and featured many entertaining activities that filled the air with excitement and fun, it also offered guests an opportunity to enjoy the amazing weather of Aqaba in December.

Lina EL-Kurd, General Manager of Run Jordan thanked all those who are making the marathon a success with special thanks to all sponsors, media and volunteers. She also mentioned that this year and under the slogan “Run for a Cause”, a portion of the proceeds will go to Al Haya Charitable Association for Wheat Allergic Patients.

This year Run Jordan has established cooperation agreements with several societies that cater for the physically handicapped in various parts of the kingdom including: The Disabled Child Care Society in Irbid and Ajyal Society for the physically handicapped based in Aqaba. 

Background Information

Run Jordan

Run Jordan is a high-quality and pro-active NGO that is engaged in the organization of running events and programs for Jordanians of all age categories and physical abilities. Established in 2013, Run Jordan aims to position the Kingdom as an international sporting venue and to support and supplement the work of the official sporting bodies particularly the Jordan Olympic Committee and the Jordan Athletics Federation.

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