SafeSync for business improves security, uptime and ease of use for SMBs – or their money back!

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Published December 5th, 2011 - 07:26 GMT

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in Internet security solutions, today announced the launch of the latest version of Trend Micro SafeSync for Business – the most powerful and secure way yet for small and medium businesses to access, share, sync and store their company files. No matter where, when, or how you are connected, you can securely manage and update your business files using any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or web-enabled device,  including laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets, that meet the minimum system requirements.

Unlike any other similar product, SafeSync for Business now comes with a service availability level of 99.9%. Any business customer experiencing uptime below this level may be entitled to money back under the service level agreement. Businesses’ data is now securely held in Trend Micro’s brand new European data centre using the company’s cloud encryption solution, SecureCloud.

On top of the new service enhancements, the following improvements have also been added to the product:

Look and Feel – Easier to navigate, with simpler settings and options

Drag & Drop – Users can simply drag and drop files into the new SafeSync Folder to sync them with the cloud immediately

Mobility - The SafeSync Folder is available on any device where the SafeSync client or mobile app has been installed, without further configuration.

Make any folder a SafeSync Folder – There’s no need to move files into a separate SafeSync Folder; a right-click on any folder can make any folder you choose into a SafeSync folder

Better control - Users can selectively sync folders on different computers and mobile devices so as not to take up too much space on any one device

Full summary of business-focused benefits

Helps businesses to increase their productivity - Access to files from anywhere, anytime,  from any of the devices mentioned; completely redesigned interface now enables files to be quickly dragged and dropped to a synchronisation folder, which instantaneously synchronises the data across all devices

Helps expedite business decisions and actions – Enables easy and instant sharing of files with colleagues and third parties across the business

Helps enable businesses to perform more reliably - 99.9% service availability, supported by a money back service level agreement.

Helps reduce infrastructure costs and risks - Easy-to-use “file-server-as-a-service” capability enables businesses to work more efficiently without the cost, complexity, or dependency of a traditional server

Dedicated EMEA data centre helps protect businesses from data management risks – All European businesses using SafeSync synchronise their data to the Trend Micro EMEA datacenter, located in Germany. The data is therefore covered by the rigorous data protection legislation in Europe. EMEA customer data stays in the EMEA datacentre and is not replicated elsewhere, ensuring that it stays private and secure, and that the risk of costly lost, theft, or failure is minimised.

Helps reduce data management errors, duplication and unnecessary rework - Synchronises files across whichever devices the business is using, via the cloud, giving users the most current version at their fingertips

Supports business recovery and crisis planning - Keeps data safe in case of hardware loss, theft, failure, or other catastrophic event, via an additional copy kept in the cloud.

Gives businesses control over the full lifecycle of their data - Web console not only enables the business to access files online, but also to manage and update user accounts when people join or leave the company

Helps reduce operating and administration overheads - One license for the whole business, with one expiry date. No need to worry about multiple licenses with different expiry dates and capacities at renewal time; all users can be renewed at the same time

Helps enable more efficient use of storage capacity - Each user is issued 50GB of storage which is allocated to the company’s centralised storage pool, giving greater flexibility with no complicated quotas

Peace of mind for business data

SafeSync for Business keeps business data safe in the data centre, using Trend Micro’s SecureCloud™ technology. All data is encrypted, using the HTTPS protocol, to ensure that it is secure when being sent between devices. SafeSync for Business also uses Anti Virus scanning on the cloud servers, to protect businesses against viruses and other malware

Mick Paddington, lead EMEA Product Marketing Manager at Trend Micro, stated: “Change is often a risky prospect for small and medium businesses, and moving to the cloud is no exception. It would put their mind at rest if they knew that they could access and share their data whenever they need it, via whatever devices their people happen to be using, but also trust that it will remain safe. The refinements in this version of the product make us confident that we can give cloud data exactly the level of accessibility and security that small and medium businesses need. Lots of vendors talk this talk, but with SafeSync for Business we are giving a hard cash guarantee. That is how sure we are of this product.”

SafeSync for Business also represents an enhanced opportunity for the channel to address the growing interest in the cloud solutions amongst small and medium businesses. Jonatan Bucko, business development specialist at Trend Micro distributor Blue Solutions, commented: “This latest version of SafeSync for Business is now even easier to use and install, more secure, and offers broader platform coverage, together with improved SLA’s. So there has never been a better time for our resellers to be adding this class-leading solution to their portfolio.”

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Trend Micro

For over 30 years, Trend Micro’s unwavering vision has been to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Security is our entire focus, and it shows. This single-minded passion has inspired our innovations that keep up with the bad guys despite a changing IT landscape, riskier user behavior, and constantly evolving threats.

The depth of our experience remains unmatched. From the endpoint to the network to the cloud, we’ve got you covered with a connected threat defense recognized by analysts, customers, and industry gurus of all kinds.


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