Samsung: All the Sporting Action With Nothing in the Way

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Published July 9th, 2018 - 10:45 GMT
Catch all the action with crystal clarity and 100% color volume on the 2018 QLED TV.
Catch all the action with crystal clarity and 100% color volume on the 2018 QLED TV.

Few things can match sport for sheer spectacle – especially when you gather friends and family in the home to cheer on your favorite team. Modern stadiums are theatres built to foster a tremendous atmosphere. And for fans at home, the TV forms a large part of bringing the game home, which is why consumers don’t want to see anything but the TV when they’re watching that big, all-important match. This does not mean that the TV has to be all-imposing. Even the largest screen can blend perfectly within the home, even when the game is on.

The stunningly sharp picture quality of QLED is engineered to make the beautiful game look even more beautiful. The 4K Q Engine feature harnesses AI to analyze and optimize content, ensuring that the movement of the grass during play is clearly defined and without blur, providing a more vivid experience. Viewers can take in every pass and tackle with accurate color and contrast thanks to 100% Color Volume expression and Direct Fully Array Elite technology, which adjusts the brightness of each finely arrayed dot.

As everyone gathers round to watch the game unfold, the match can be enjoyed from almost any angle with the advanced Anti-reflection technology on Samsung’s 2018 QLED TV. The low light reflectivity ensures you won't be disturbed by external light sources such as an open window or the living room lamp, allowing you to focus on what’s important. That also means that whether you’re hosting the Sunday afternoon kickoff or an evening’s entertainment, you’ll still enjoy the same fantastic picture quality.

And when you’re entertaining at home, you’ll want all of your friends and family to get equal view of the TV and a larger screen ensures everyone can see the game. Samsung 2018 QLED TVs range in size from 55-inch to 75-inch models, offering the large-screen viewing experience. In addition,

In the stadium, both sights and sounds blend to create the atmosphere of the game. For viewers at home, true immersion is achieved when they hear the sound of a player kicking the ball into the net and the crowd roaring with delight. On Samsung 2018 QLED TVs, sound is optimized for a wide variety of content, so that sports fans can hear the action on the field and the voices of commentators with crystal clarity.

When Samsung decided to dramatically design the entire TV experience with the launch of QLED 2018, they chose not to add more, but to take away. Hence, the latest QLED has taken away imperfections, reflections, and the bezel, as well as those pesky cables, multiple remote controls and even the time it takes to set up. Because once everything is taken away, what’s left is the purest possible experience.

In addition, the QLED TV’s inorganic quantum dot technology is free from burn-in, meaning that users can enjoy play after play without the worry of damaging their screens, even after a static picture such as the score or a logo has remained on screen for an extended length of time.

Entertaining your friends, catching the football highlights or just chilling out in front of the TV promises to be a dramatically different experience with the Samsung QLED TV as it enables the consumer to be more immersed than ever before in the content, without any distractions.

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Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2011 consolidated sales of US$143.1 billion. Employing approximately 206,000 people in 197 offices across 72 countries, the company operates two separate organizations to coordinate its nine independent business units: Digital Media & Communications, comprising Visual Display, Mobile Communications, Telecommunication Systems, Digital Appliances, IT Solutions, and Digital Imaging; and Device Solutions, consisting of Memory, System LSI and LED. Recognized for its industry-leading performance across a range of economic, environmental and social criteria, Samsung Electronics was named the world’s most sustainable technology company in the 2011 Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

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