Sharjah City Centre kick starts the New Year with an exciting mix of promotional deals, discounts and raffle draws

Press release
Published January 10th, 2012 - 07:58 GMT

Coinciding with this year’s DSF, Sharjah City Centre has announced its value-added, 41-day promotional campaign: “Winning is as Easy as Shopping”. Creating its own buzz throughout this key shopping season, Sharjah City Centre is providing shoppers with an exciting mix of promotional deals, discounts and raffle draws. From now until February 14th, key activities include the mall’s popular Sidewalk sale, an exciting social media competition, a charity drive, daily giveaways, and the chance to win a brand new car!

Running throughout the entire promotional period,  customers spending a total of AED 150 across the mall’s wide variety of retailers – from fashion to electronics and homewares, will automatically be entered into a raffle draw for the chance to win (daily) Sharjah City Centre gift cards worth a staggering AED2,500. Plus, as an extra bonus, customers will also be automatically placed into an additional grand prize draw for the chance to drive away in a brand new Ford Explorer 2012!

In addition to impressive raffle draws, and amply named ‘Love Affair with Shopping’, the first Sidewalk sale of the year is set to take place from February 10th –14th. A Sharjah City Centre staple and customer favourite, the sale will feature competitive and fabulous discounts from over 40 retailers, with discounted products and items all displayed in a ‘sidewalk sale style’ outside their stores. To the delight of shoppers, deals up to 75% can be found during this unique and exciting event.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to provide customers with innovative, value-added promotional discounts and deals, and as we begin a new year we wanted to thank the community for all their continued support, “said Anna Mansour, Senior Mall Manager for Sharjah City Centre . “In addition to providing customer with attractive prizes, this promotional campaign also provides us with the opportunity to highlight the exciting changes we have made across the mall – such as the launch of our new brand positioning and addition of many convenient, value-orientated brands”.

Reflecting the mall’s new ‘Smart Shopping’ brand positioning, customers who log onto the Sharjah City Centre Facebook page during the campaign can also win big when they guess the correct price hidden behind a giant red envelope. Moreover, in keeping with the Centre’s commitment to supporting the local community, customers can purchase a ‘smart’ calendar for AED 5 and all proceeds will ultimately donated to charity. 

Background Information

Sharjah City Centre

Sharjah City Centre is located in the heart of Sharjah, along the main Al Wahda Street. Developed and managed by Majid Al Futtaim Properties, the centre has completed its expansion, renovation and redevelopment programme in 2009.

The new extension takes the mall’s total retail area offering 37,553 square metres with a total of 119 shops offering the ultimate value oriented retail mix. The mall is now home to an additional 22 new stores including internationally renowned anchor stores New Look, H&M and Borders.

Other leisure and entertainment facilities in the mall include a Magic Planet and 16 fast food outlets, positioning Sharjah City Centre as one of the dominant Centre’s in the Emirate for value shopping.

الأميرة بياتريس تُغرّد ردّاً على كريسي تيغن.. والأخيرة "مصدومة"!

Published February 23rd, 2019 - 01:32 GMT
الأميرة بياتريس وكريسي تيغن
الأميرة بياتريس وكريسي تيغن

في تبادل تغريداتٍ فريدٍ من نوعه حصل يوم أمس الخميس، لم تتوقّع "عميدة" تويتر الممثلة العالمية "كريسي تيغن" أن تحصُلَ على ردٍّ ملكي من قِبل الأميرة بياتريس.

كعادتها، تُغرّد كريسي تيغن بكُلّ شيءٍ يخطر على بالها، وفي يوم أمس كتبت عبر حسابها في تويتر بأنّها تُحب الاسم "بي"، عِلمًا بأنّ لقب الأميرة بياتريس هو Bea، فقالت: "بي اسمٌ رائع، أرجو من أحدٍ منكم أن يُسمّي ابنته بي، فأنا لستُ مُستعدّةً لابنةٍ أخرى، وجون يرفض فكرة تبنّي كلبٍ جديد، وأنا سأكون والدتها بالمعمودية".

وما إن كتبت كريسي هذه الكلمات، حتّى بدأ المُتابعات بنشر صورِ بناتهن اللواتي يحملن الاسم "بي"، بل ووعدها آخرون بأنهم سيُسمّون ابنتهم المُقبلة "بي"، ليأتّي الرّد المُفاجئ من الأميرة البريطانية "بياتريس" قائلةً: "سأعشق أن أكون ابنتك بالمعمودية".

صُدمت تيغن من رد الأميرة غير المُتوقّع، وما كان منها إلّا أن تكتُبَ هذه الكلمات ردًّا عليها "يا إلهي.. يا إلهي.. يا إلهي" من شدّة الصّدمة، بل وصُدم مُتابعوها معها، فرد الأميرة أدخلهم في دهشةٍ إيجابية، إذ قال أحدهم: "انظروا من عاد إلى تويتر"، وقال آخر: "هل تستطيع ذكر ثنائي أكثر أيقونية من هذا"، وعلّق ثالث: "عميدة تويتر وسموّها الملكي الأميرة بياتريس.. هذا أفضل تفاعل رأيته على تويتر.. سلّمي لي على كيت".

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