Siemens Energy’s Gas Turbine Technology to Support Cleaner, More Efficient Energy Production on Island of Cyprus

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Published March 9th, 2021 - 02:08 GMT
Siemens Energy’s Gas Turbine Technology to Support Cleaner, More Efficient Energy Production on Island of Cyprus
More than 50% CO2 emissions reduction thanks to switch from heavy fuel oil to natural gas
First private gas-fired combined cycle power plant on Cyprus

As the Republic of Cyprus eyes a system of cleaner, more efficient and less costly energy production, Cyfield Construction Ltd., one of the leading construction companies in Cyprus, and Siemens Energy are working together to support the island’s much-anticipated transition toward decarbonization moving from expensive, environmentally unfriendly heavy fuel oil to natural gas.

As part of this transition, Cyfield has chosen Siemens Energy to supply technology and long-term service for the 260-megawatt (MW) Cyfield Mari combined-cycle power plant. Three SGT-800 gas turbines will operate in a 3x1 combined-cycle configuration. With Siemens Energy’s latest advanced SGT-800 technology, the plant will achieve the highest efficiency levels in this power plant range and the expected carbon dioxide emissions are estimated to be more than 50% lower than the average current emissions of electricity production in Cyprus.

The Siemens Energy scope of supply for the new Cyfield Mari power plant includes three SGT-800 gas turbines, three SGen5-100A generators and a 20-year long-term service and maintenance agreement. The new power plant is anticipated to be in full operation by 2023 and is projected to be in line with the arrival of liquified natural gas (LNG) on the island. Cyprus’ new LNG terminal is currently under construction. Until now the island grid of Cyprus is almost completely served by heavy fuel oil fired boilers. As the space for wind and solar power is limited on the island, the switch to natural gas is also the key lever to reduce harmful sulphur oxide and to keep particle emissions to a minimum. In addition, the station’s performance will lead to a significant reduction in the cost of electricity and supply as much as one third of Cyprus’s electricity needs.

“We are very proud to support Cyprus in advancing the decarbonization of its energy system by supplying our leading SGT-800 gas turbines,” said Karim Amin, Executive Vice President Generation at Siemens Energy. “The new power plant will be a landmark for sustainable power production on the island and ensures a reliable, environmentally friendly and economical electricity supply for many years to come. The gas turbines easily can be upgraded to burn e.g. hydrogen, so that fuel should become available in the future.”

“The development of this power plant is vital for the energy sufficiency and independence of Cyprus. Additionally, the cost of electricity will be significantly lower for Cyprus businesses and households, directly benefiting the economy,” said Kyriakos Chrysochos, founder of the Cyfield Group. “Cyfield is proud to be part of Cyprus’ energy transition away from heavy fuel oil towards significantly cleaner natural gas. With Siemens Energy as the supplier of the gas turbines, we count on producing electricity for the island with the most efficient and reliable gas turbines in the market. Cyfield appreciates the constructive support by Siemens Energy since the beginning of our power plant project and we have high expectations on the future collaboration.”

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