Smart Dubai Takes Part in 2 Prominent Ramadan Majlis’ to Highlight Its Initiatives and Dubai’s Smart Transformation

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Published June 13th, 2018 - 06:34 GMT
During the event
During the event

The Smart Dubai Office (SDO) has participated in two prominent Ramadan Majlis’, where it introduced attendees to its portfolio of initiatives and services that seek to transform Dubai into the happiest and smartest city on earth.

His Excellency Younus Al Nasser, SDO Assistant Director General, and H.E. Wesam Lootah, CEO at the Smart Dubai Government Establishment (SDG), led the delegation to the Jamal Al-Hai Majlis on May 29, and the Ahmad Al Shaikh Majlis on June 5, 2018.

“Smart Dubai is committed to maintaining open and constant communication with other influential entities in the UAE, as well as with the general public,” asserted H.E. Younus Al Nasser. “These Majlis sessions are an ideal communication platform, allowing us to engage with high-profile national figures that organise and attend them, all the while celebrating the opportunity to come together during the Holy Month of Ramadan. We had the honour and pleasure of introducing our hosts and their guests to the SDO’s latest projects – as well as established flagship initiatives – that seek to harmonise nation-wide efforts, promote happiness, and transform Dubai into a world-leading smart city.”

For his part, H.E. Wesam Lootah said: “Smart Dubai has a vested interest in establishing a direct connection with our customers and partners; we periodically and consistently gauge their opinions – online or in person – with prominent platforms such as the Ramadan Majlis gatherings, which present great opportunities to engage the public in every step of creating these services: from design to development, all the way to the launch and successive periodic updates.”

Discussion topics during the Majlis included the Dubai Blockchain Strategy, which seeks to ensure that all applicable government services are Blockchain-enabled by 2020, before moving on to the more comprehensive Dubai Paperless Strategy, which aims to completely forego paper and digitise both external and internal processes in government bodies and institutions by the year 2021.

Dubai Airports Vice-President Jamal Al-Hai underlined the significance of the futuristic achievements registered in Dubai every day, which bring it closer to becoming the smartest city in the world. “The ideas and projects that are underway, and which we discussed during the Ramadan Majlis, make me proud of Smart Dubai’s leadership, headed by Her Excellency Dr Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr,” he said. “The Smart Dubai team is paving the way for the city of the future, embracing advanced technologies and artificial intelligence to upgrade business and the economy as a whole.”

On the same note, the Smart Dubai delegation introduced attendees to the Dubai IoT Strategy, which seeks to build the world’s most advanced Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem to improve people’s lives, protect Dubai’s digital wealth, and encourage government departments to join the emirate’s smart transformation. After showcasing Dubai Now – the advanced one-stop shop for all government services in the Emirate of Dubai – the SDO team introduced another advanced platform, Dubai Careers, which connects jobseekers from all nationalities with public and private-sector employers in the emirate, providing a smart mechanism for handling job applications.

Having hosted the Smart Dubai delegation at his Majlis, Ahmad Al Shaikh said: “I was delighted to welcome the Smart Dubai team at the Ramadan Majlis; their presence and expertise enriched our discussion and our knowledge of Dubai’s smart transformation and the emirate’s smart services and strategies that have transformed it into a model for smart cities across the region and the world.”

“Transitioning into a fully-fledged smart city is no easy task, nonetheless, our wise and ambitious leadership set out to make Dubai the happiest and smartest city in the world, tasking Smart Dubai with implementing and overseeing this mission,” he added. “The team that was assembled at Smart Dubai is highly innovative and dedicated to finding creative tech solutions to improve people’s lives and ensure the Dubai experience stands out for its unique services, such as the Dubai Blockchain Strategy, the Dubai Paperless Strategy, the Dubai Now platform, Dubai ID, and many others.”

Last but not least, the discussion covered Dubai ID, a joint initiative by the Smart Dubai Government Establishment and the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) to enable government agencies to provide 24-hour access to their services, where registered individuals are given automatic access to more than 600 services from 16 government agencies in Dubai with one username and one password. Attendees were invited to register for Dubai ID at the Majlis using the mobile device the SDO team provided.

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"Smart Dubai is anchored in the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President & Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, to make Dubai the happiest city on Earth. " 

Collaborating with private sector and government partners, Smart Dubai is the government office charged with facilitating Dubai’s citywide smart transformation, to empower, deliver and promote an efficient, seamless, safe and impactful city experience for residents and visitors. Smart Dubai is committed to a collaborative and agile approach to Dubai’s smart city transformation, empowering strategic partnerships with the public and private sector and academia to design and implement services and elevate citywide thought leadership, in line with its mission to make Dubai the happiest city on earth through technology innovation.

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