SSS Process participates in Sahil 2 Exhibition

Press release
Published December 14th, 2011 - 09:15 GMT
Alaa Ensheiwat, SSS Process CEO
Alaa Ensheiwat, SSS Process CEO

SSS Process, the regional leading company specialized in providing e-government services and software solutions, participates in “Sahil 2” for Finance and Investment Exhibition-Forum, taking place on December 14th in Zara Expo.

The 3-day event which is coinciding with the Preparatory Conference for Libya’s Reconstruction, aims to concentrate on the companies and the institutions and its investment role.

A delegation from Libyan Transitional Council and Libyan businessmen, in addition to a large number of Jordanian companies, specialized in many industrial and service sectors, participate in the event which will give a big chance to connect, interact and make local and international business deals.

“The event lays its importance through focusing on the companies and institutions, especially, their investment role in Libya’s reconstruction, leading to create great cooperation and investment opportunities that we hope to help Libyans to reconstruct their country,” stated Alaa Ensheiwat, SSS Process CEO.

“We have the responsibility as Jordanian and regional companies to employ our professional experiences and technical capabilities, serving the Libyan society to recover as soon as possible. Through our participation, the Libyan delegations can figure out our professional capabilities, and readiness to meet their needs in many sectors ranging from infrastructure, construction sectors, telecommunication and technology sector. In addition to other vital sector such as education and health,” he added.

Ensheiwat also paid tribute for the importance of such exhibitions and forums as a starting point for leading future partnership agreements and projects, where the companies offer their experience, capabilities and staff   to complete highly quality and professional achievements to realize the aspirations of the brothers in Libya.  

“The Exhibition- forum is considered as a leading step to refresh the Jordanian economy with its various sectors. It is as through our participation, we will provide various services and products via construction, commercial and infrastructure projects” he also added. 

It’s to be noted that Saltus Jordan, specialized in organizing conferences and exhibitions, is considered the Exclusive Marketer for this event through hosting “Foundation Prince Jamal Al Noaimi International”, the important representative for the Libyan Transitional Council, which supports and helps the Libyans hugely through logistic support especially during this sensitive period full of social and human disasters in Libya.