Tanzifco celebrates World Toilet Day with a renewed focus on responsible cleaning with colour coding cleaning services

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Published November 17th, 2011 - 05:53 GMT

Toilet Day is celebrated on 19th November each year to focus on improved sanitation and hygiene levels worldwide. Tanzifco Emirates, a regional cleaning and allied services provider earmarked this day to highlight the importance of its existing colour coding cleaning system.

This colour coding system is implemented while executing the cleaning services across various locations and kinds of areas. This practice enables the monitoring and controlling of the spread of bacteria and improves hygiene and sanitation levels by avoiding cross-contamination.

“Cross-contamination can be a major health hazard and a threat to hygiene and sanitation levels. World Toilet Day is celebrated to raise global awareness about the daily struggle of those who are without access to proper and clean sanitation. Our colour coding cleaning methodology helps prevent cross-contamination and thereby raise the intensity of sanitation,” says Mustapha Alayan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tanzifco.

Tanzifco follows the international colour coding system which is customized as per customer’s requirements with a stringent adherence to dedicating one colour to a specific area. The internationally accepted colour coding to prevent cross-contamination is as follows:

Red: For sanitary fittings and washroom floors.

Yellow: For wash basins and washroom surfaces.

Blue: For general low risk areas.

Green:  Canteen, kitchen and bar use.

“A colour coding system also helps reduce the language barrier while training the staff, simplifies supply management, deters misuse of chemicals and enhances health and safety within the premises apart from preventing cross-contamination. Hence, the role of the janitorial staff in preventing cross-contamination cannot be over-looked,” emphasizes the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In 2001, World Toilet Organization declared 19th November as World Toilet Day which is a call for safe and hygienic sanitation without any kind of cross-contamination. A few pointers to bear in mind while providing cleaning services so as to prevent contamination leading to impeccable hygiene levels are as follows:

Keep the colour coding system simple.

Train the staff adequately.

Use two colours at least within washroom areas.

Strict control and monitoring.

Re-train if and when necessary.

Effective and responsible cleaning practices help avoid cross-contamination and promote a clean and healthy environment and superior sanitation levels which is the prime objective of the World Toilet Day.

Background Information


Tanzifco was established in 1963 in Kuwait. Today, as a strong regional player offering soft services, our operations span across the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka as well. We provide all types of major and minor cleaning services besides offering a wide spectrum of specialized soft services. In the last 55 years, since 1963, Tanzifco has carved a niche for itself due to a highly professional work culture based on rigorous work ethics. 

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