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Published December 15th, 2015 - 06:42 GMT
Travel Smart
Travel Smart

Traveling about has become a significant part of any lifestyle: whether vacations or business trips, conferences or spontaneous getaways. Each kind of trip has its own demands on the kind of luggage that’s necessary: so it’s really important to plan in advance!

While having to move about, travel involves quite a bit of a procedure: right from packing everything you need, to ensuring that your paperwork is in top shape to help you make the move comfortably.  Adding to that, your need to ensure that your bare essentials do not get lost! Whether you are super organized or leave things to the last minute, these useful tips will come in handy while you’re travelling about.

The Essentials

No matter where you travel, whether it is international or domestic airlines travel, you should be careful to ensure that you carry some of the most important things. Make sure to carry a carry-on bag, wallets with cash saved in different places so that losing one doesn’t mean that you lose all the money you had, your credit and debit cards, and travelers’ cheque if you’re carrying any.

Remember to keep your cell phone, tablets and laptop on your person – each with their appropriate chargers in tow. Carry a good neck pillow, some zip lock bags, and lots of loose change that can be put to use when you need it most. If you’re carrying the kind of earphones that can get tangled up easily, make sure to use binder clips or a set of bobby pins to fasten them without tangling. Always carry a notebook and a pen or two, and make sure to carry all your emergency contact numbers. Keep your laptop, tablets and phones easily accessible so that you can take it out in time for the security check without holding up the queues behind you.

Dressing Right

Wear clothes that are comfortable and not restricting. You might want to take a light jacket or a light shawl to keep yourself covered when it gets too cold in the aircraft. Wear slip on shoes rather than those with laces, so that you can take them off and wear them on easily at the security check.

Eating and Drinking

Carrying water beyond the security check point is not permitted. Your best bet would be to either buy water after you cross the security check point, or, to carry an empty water bottle on your person in your hand baggage, so that you can refill it once you cross the security check point. Eat light before a flight, in case you get travel sick. Always ensure that you keep yourself hydrated, because a pressured cabin can get demanding on your body. Carry a few mints and some candy in your handbag, to avoid the annoying ear blocks from a pressured cabin!

The Hygiene Factor

Carrying tissues, hand towels and a small bottle of hand-sanitizer is a useful way to get around in airports. There is a general hike in the amount of germs one is exposed to at airport restrooms, so keeping clean is easily a necessity. Make sure that you carry enough of your hygiene supplies if you are taking a baby along, or if you have medical needs. If you are carrying medication that is not the over-the-counter regular kind, ensure that you have a prescription to authenticate your medical needs.

And what you should not do?

Don't carry nail cutters, scissors, knives, weapons, umbrellas, deodorant bottles, creams and lotions, and sharp objects. These things are not allowed on board a flight. Avoid carrying too many things in your cabin baggage, because you have a limited amount of weight that is allowed into a flight. Avoid carrying documents and valuables you don't need, so that you don't wind up losing things.

Some more tips!

Business or adventure, vacation or spontaneous get away – whatever it is that motivates you to travel, you have to carry your luggage with you. Here are some important tips you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing the appropriate bags and luggage for your travel needs. Always be sure to pick out a bag that is in a fairly a bright color, or at the very least, stands out. Agreed, purple leopard print may not match your business suit, but you will always be able to spot it quickly on the conveyor belts.

Always make it a point to compare different luggage interiors to see what suits your style. Lots of pouches and belts are great for the super-organized packer. And features like a plastic waterproof pouch can hold wet swimsuits or leaky shampoo bottles. Remember, bags with a detachable laptop case can help you carry one piece of cabin luggage for a short business trip. When you are selecting your luggage, walk around for a bit and see if the handle is long enough for you, if you like the feel of the fabric, if the back straps are comfortable, and if the suitcase feels sturdy and durable.

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