Ministry of Agriculture in Egypt Supports Mazraati Academy Sponsored by Wadi Group

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Published February 25th, 2018 - 07:57 GMT
Tony Freiji Wadi, President and CEO of Wadi Group
Tony Freiji Wadi, President and CEO of Wadi Group

Dr. Mona Mehrez, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Animal Resources, Fisheries and Poultry, today supported the inauguration of Mazraati Academy, the first academy in Egypt and the Middle East offering specialized training courses in animal, poultry and fish production. Her participation reaffirms the support of Egyptian government for this initiative, which aims to bolster animal and poultry production in Egypt. The opening ceremony, which was held at the Greek Campus of the American University in Cairo, was attended by 2000 invitees. During the Mazraati Academy launch ceremony, Wadi Group, one of Egypt's largest agribusiness groups, announced its sponsorship of the Academy.

“Wadi Group has extensive regional and international experience in poultry production and related industries and services,” said Tony Freiji Wadi, President and CEO, Wadi Group. “We seek to encourage initiatives and programs that contribute to preparing new technical cadres to work in animal and poultry production, as well as aquaculture. Mazraati Academy is one of the most important initiatives that we proudly support. It is the first of its kind in the region to offer specialized training courses in these respective fields. We consider human resources the most important factor in modernizing and developing food supply chains in Egypt and the Academy shares our vision for the development of technical cadres strongly required in these disciplines".

“We are honored to cooperate with Wadi Group, which has more than half a century of experience in poultry production and related industries and services,” said Eng. Mamdouh Al Amry, Mazraati Chairman. “Wadi Group’s support will enable us to spread our message among Egyptian youth who are interested in livestock and poultry production in the local market. Participation in free-of-charge courses is available for all. Each course takes from 1-2 hours divided into 5-10 minute segments each. There are no set criteria for selecting trainees, as all courses are. The lectures will cover animal production, marketing, poultry, feeds, manufacturing and others, and will be attended by large number of specialists in these fields in the Egyptian market”.

Wadi Group and other industry experts contribute to providing technical knowledge and scientific disciplines required for the Mazraati Academy. The Academy aims to qualify technical cadres for the job market through a number of training courses specialized in animal and poultry production, vaccination, veterinary care, feeds, breeding, fish farms and others.

Following completion of the online courses, participants are required to pass exams in order to receive an attendance certificate. The Academy provides workshops and site visits to factories, poultry and fish farms, to give students the opportunity to gain first-hand experience on the topics they studied theoretically. At a later stage, Mazraati Academy will prepare a database of qualified graduates so that specialized companies can recruit them for job vacancies.

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Wadi Group

Wadi Group enjoys the heritage and expertise of more than half a century in the agribusiness industry throughout the MENA region. Launched in Egypt in 1984 with a small scale poultry operation, today Wadi Group operates in 12 subsidiaries with ten brands over three distinct sectors: Dawagen, Sina'at and Mazareh. 

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