Unique ingredients on display at Banyan Tree Al Wadi's BBQ in the desert

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Published January 10th, 2012 - 07:32 GMT
Al Khaimahl Villa Pool
Al Khaimahl Villa Pool

Arabic epicurean delights await guests at Banyan Tree Al Wadi as they begin their desert journey in the first all-pool villa resort in the United Arab Emirates. With the dramatic allure of the Al Wadi nature reserve as a backdrop, guests may enjoy a BBQ highlighting some unique ingredients in Arabic cuisine. 

Over 60 hectares of land are dedicated to evergreen ghaf trees and local wildlife such as Arabian gazelles, camels and oryxes. As guests dine beneath a starlit sky with a private chef and butler to facilitate, these animals may be spotted in the distance. Prices start at AED 850++ (approximately USD 230++) per couple. A customized menu features a wide array of meats and seafood such as Boneless Grilled Chicken with dukkah, Lobster Tail Ras al Hanoutand Grilled Sultan Ibrahim Fillet (red mullet) which are pre-ordered in consultation with the resort’s chef. 

Dukkahand Ras al Hanoutare unique spice blends consistingof peanuts, sesame seeds, cumin seeds,coriander powder and cinnamon bark, as well as roasted or ground cardamom (a member of the ginger family that is intensely aromatic). Green cardamom is one of the most expensive spices by weight. 

For dessert, guests may experiment with camel milk ice cream, which offers a much higher vitamin and mineral content than cow's milk. Rich in aroma and flavour, it makes apotent alternative for the lactose intolerant. Also on offer are refreshing glasses of hibiscus juice, a bright red plant also called roselle that is used in traditional Arabic cultures as treatment for cardiac and nerve diseases.

As an idyllic nightcap following the BBQ, guests may linger over a Date Margarita and shisha at the Moon Bar’s roof terrace overlooking the sprawling desert and rolling dunes. 

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