University of Dubai research creates framework to support smart city initiatives around the world

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Published March 29th, 2016 - 07:04 GMT
UD new Campus
UD new Campus

A research by the University of Dubai has led to the creation of a framework, based on information and communications technology, to support smart city initiatives worldwide. 

The research conducted by Mahmoud El Hendy, Lecturer at College of Information Technology, University of Dubai, with contributions from Dr. Sami Miniaoui, Director of UD Centre for Research & Consultancy, University of Dubai, and Dr. Hussein Fakhry, Associate Professor of Zayed University, was held over a period of six months during which the team studied 62 smart cities around the world.

“The smart city concept is significant for billions of people around the world considering that estimates show that more than 50 per cent of the world’s population resides in urban areas. University of Dubai is committed to research initiatives to create sustainable solutions on future urban developments and smart city challenges. The current research led by the university will support the strategic efforts in the development of smart cities around the world,” said Dr. Eesa M. Bastaki, President of University of Dubai.  

The research looked at the smart city framework in terms of Technology View, Systems View, and Strategic View. The smart city infrastructure under the Technology View features infrastructure of all domains, both new and existing. Acting as an entry point for utility and service, this layer realizes connectivity solutions for a smart city, and mainly includes Cloud Computing, RFID Technology, Near Field Communication, Wireless Technology and the likes.

System View comprises Smart City Data Aggregation which handles the analytics of the system by capturing real-time data from different sources using techniques such as Mash-ups, Widgets, and portals. It further provides apps to the smart city citizens as a means to get the required information.

Researcher El Hendy said “We are eager to continue with our smart city research in order to contribute to the UAE Vision 2021.” He added that more research is needed because cities are at the threshold of tremendous changes worldwide.”

Strategic View features Smart City Governance and Analytics, which is the high-level layer of the framework wherein the collected data is processed and presented to the public as well as policy makers. This layer also facilitates the strategic role of aiding policy makers to make beneficial amendments in existing policies. Calculation of Return on Investment can also be provided by this layer.

Dubai has launched a strategy to transform itself into a ‘Smart City’ featuring six key pillars and 100 initiatives on transport, communications, infrastructure, electricity, economic services and urban planning. Under the strategy, 1,000 government services are set to go smart by 2017.

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