Wadi Group Celebrates 25 Years in Egypt in Cooperation with Aviagen

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Published March 29th, 2018 - 06:30 GMT
Wadi Group celebrates the 25th anniversary of strategic cooperation with Aviagen.
Wadi Group celebrates the 25th anniversary of strategic cooperation with Aviagen.

As Wadi Group celebrates the 25th anniversary of strategic cooperation with Aviagen, the global broiler breeders, the leading agribusiness company held its "Wadi Poultry Forum" in Cairo. Wadi Group’s top management, Aviagen executives, and Wadi's key customer for broiler and grandparent breeders in Egypt attended the forum.

Aviagen is one of the leading breeders of the finest strains of poultry and a global player in genetic authentication of poultry. Aviagen invests heavily in R&D every year, aiming to create new strains of broiler poultry with perfect genetic traits.      

"Aviagen has been a strategic partner for Wadi Group for 25 years," said Eng. Tony Freiji, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Wadi Group. "Our cooperation has led to the introduction of the finest and most resilient strains of broiler poultry to Egyptian broiler and grandparent breeders. By doing so, local breeders have been able to achieve the highest returns on investment due to the superior traits of these strains, with the help of Wadi's comprehensive package of solutions, including feed, technical, environmental and  veterinary services. Our advanced solutions help bird flocks achieve the best results both qualitatively and quantitatively. Our customers have selected Aviagen’s Ross 308 as a favorable strain of broiler poultry based on their exceptional experience with us and the unsurpassed performance of their flocks in the past decades."                      

Essam El Behery, Chief Commercial Officer at Wadi Group, kicked off the event with a welcome note, followed by Eng. Tony Freiji, who gave opening remarks welcoming Wadi customers and Aviagen experts, while highlighting the key milestones in Wadi-Aviagen journey of cooperation.        

Following Behery's presentation, Tom Exley, the President AMEA & Aviagen Anadolu at Aviagen, spoke about the latest developments related to Aviagen’s business globally. Following his remarks, Magnus Swalander, Director of R&D at Aviagen, explained the genetic updates of the broiler poultry the company produces. He explained how Aviagen introduces the best strains of broiler poultry, which withstand the harshest environmental and nutritional conditions, while identifying the best practices in poultry farming to achieve optimal results and the highest return on investment. He also discussed Aviagen’s investments in R&D.           

Michael Garden, Head of MEA for Aviagen, spoke about the company's business volume in the region, highlighting the importance of the Egyptian market to the company, and the future of its partnership with key poultry players in North Africa. 

"Aviagen is a proud partner to Wadi Group," said Tom Exely, President AMEA & Aviagen Anadolu. "We see Wadi Group as one of the largest, renowned and most experienced business groups in the poultry sector in Egypt and the Middle East. Poultry is a strategic sector to bring about food security in Egypt, which is why we closely monitor Wadi's efforts to contribute to achieving this overarching goal. We also recognize the excellent comprehensive solutions the group offers its customer base in Egypt and beyond, to enable flocks to fulfil their genetic potential in the best way possible, representing a win-win deal for all."        

The last session was given by Mr. Puzant Dakessian, Head of the Poultry Sector at Wadi Group, who talked about the developmental plan for the Group’s poultry division, including the relocation of Wadi's poultry farms from km 49 and km 54 on Cairo-Alex Desert Road, to Toshka in southern Aswan. The new location has perfect conditions for poultry flocks and also ensure the implementation of the maximum level of bio security, in addition to its proximity to Wadi's markets in Sudan and Africa.  

The day-long event was concluded with the exchange of commemorative gifts between Wadi Group and Aviagen, and the distribution of certificates of attendance for Wadi Group's key customers who participated in the activities.    

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Wadi Group

Wadi Group enjoys the heritage and expertise of more than half a century in the agribusiness industry throughout the MENA region. Launched in Egypt in 1984 with a small scale poultry operation, today Wadi Group operates in 12 subsidiaries with ten brands over three distinct sectors: Dawagen, Sina'at and Mazareh. 

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