Watania Engages Its Customers In MoneyDoctor Via The Financial Education And Awareness Initiative

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Published September 26th, 2021 - 08:18 GMT
Watania Engages Its Customers In MoneyDoctor Via The Financial Education And Awareness Initiative
Gautam Datta.
National Takaful Company “Watania” announced that it has engaged its customers in Souqalmal’s digital platform “MoneyDoctor”.

National Takaful Company “Watania” announced that it has engaged its customers in Souqalmal’s digital platform “MoneyDoctor”. As a program specialized in spreading financial education, MoneyDoctor comprises of nine different modules that thoroughly present various financial matters and issues inside the UAE.

MoneyDoctor provides guidelines regarding various banking and financial issues starting from local business establishment to debit management and real estate purchases. Accordingly, the users of this program can optimally manage their own financial matters and increase their wealth in the UAE.

In this regard, Gautam Datta, CEO, Watania said “Actually those who are constantly informed with financial information, apply strict financial plans in their lives and have better understanding for credit and insurance products, have superior ability to evaluate the risks they may face daily. Thus, they try to get benefit from such knowledge and experience to secure their future reflected in better and more stable lifestyles.”

“Fulfilling our commitments towards our policyholders is clearly expressed by financing our customers by this Program which will enhance their financial awareness. In addition, the Program helps us to meet our obligations in promoting the financial education and awareness across the UAE and to take part in achieving a renaissance in terms of financial wellbeing.” added Datta.

On the other side, Ambareen Musa, CEO of Souqalmal said: “For the first time, a regional insurer proceeds to enhance the financial education and awareness of the financial systems. We have incorporated MoneyDoctor to be an independent learning platform that helps and directs the users in their various financial milestones throughout their life. Watania confirms the importance of financial education in this region, which is very encouraging.”

Watania will register its current and prospective customers in MoneyDoctor in order for them to be informed with banking and financial products, takaful/ insurance products, in addition to minimizing the financial constraints they face in their daily lives.

Featuring a combination of presentations, interactive tools, and downloadable tools, MoneyDoctor will guide the users in various financial affairs. The modules related to UAE residency will help the new residents to open bank accounts, lease properties, determine credit facilities and purchase the required insurance policies. Other modules deal with how to choose new credit cards, real estate investment, vehicle replacement, how to calculate the creditworthiness and the optimal use of monthly income to increase savings.

The Program is compatible with the UAE environment and the regulations issued in this regard. As an online program, modules can be easily accessed and reviewed 24/7 by the users. Mousa confirms that the content is constantly updated according to the organizational and economic developments. Mousa also stated that new investment and insurance strategies modules are to be added timely.

During the next few weeks, all Watania’s customers will receive messages confirming their access to MoneyDoctor. Failing to receive such message, customers shall contact the Insurer’s call center on 26.09.2021 through No. 800WATANIA, 800 928 2642 for phone calls and chatting or send an email to info@watania.ae to get access to the Program.

Background Information

National Takaful Company

NTIC is a National join stock company established in 2003.
NTIC's Paid up capital is KD10,000,000 Millions.
NTIC was established by the leading business groups in both Arab & Kuwaiti market.
The company's general policy is drawn and managed by Kuwaiti board of directors in addition to the elite department managers and employees with wide experience and unique professionalism.

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