WISE to hold Beijing Forum on Innovation in Education for Equity and Empowerment

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Published November 2nd, 2016 - 06:45 GMT
WISE-LIFE China Education Forum
WISE-LIFE China Education Forum

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), along with the 21st Century Education Research Institute in China, will jointly host the WISE-LIFE China Education Forum in Beijing on 5th November 2016.

The LIFE Forum (Learners Innovation Forum on Education) will address the theme of ‘Innovating for Equity and Empowerment’, and will explore and encourage innovative practices and ideas to promote equitable education as an empowering force. The forum is expected to attract 1,000 education innovators, leaders and decision makers from China and worldwide.

The Beijing engagement, which takes place during the Qatar-China Year of Culture, is a timely opportunity to further explore collaborations between the two countries. It aims to deepen mutual understanding and celebrate common values between the two cultures, removing barriers and opening minds. 

Global innovators, including 2012 WISE Prize for Education Laureate Dr Madhav Chavan, founder of the influential Indian learning organisation ‘Pratham’, and Ms Shannon May, co-founder of Bridge International Academy, will be among the speakers. The 2016 WISE Awards winning projects will be introduced and celebrated during the forum; representatives of the projects will participate in workshops and panel discussions. WISE and the 21st Century Education Research Institute will present their latest research and policy publications.

WISE, the leading global initiative driving innovation and collaboration in education, is also very pleased to announce that the Chinese editions of the WISE Books will be launched during the engagement in Beijing.  Authors and contributors to the three books will be present for a special signing session, a photo exhibition, and will also take part in panel discussions during the forum.      

The WISE-LIFE Forum will encourage lively discussion and new insights and perspectives on topics including frugal innovation, education for rural and migrant children, and the integration of 21st century skills in education. In showcasing best practices and research, the engagement represents the latest global efforts in education innovation with the goal of creating a more equitable future for China and for education systems worldwide.

UNESCO’s Incheon Declaration for Education 2030 identified equitable and inclusive education as the primary goal for education systems around the world. Some 60 million of the 700 million primary-school-age children globally do not have access to education due to poverty or war. Some 100 million drop out before finishing their primary school studies, and an estimated 250 million, despite their schooling, still do not have basic literacy and numeracy skills. These figures indicate that nearly half of primary-school-age children in the world effectively do not receive a meaningful education.

WISE, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), believes that providing a quality, equitable education to citizens is the most effective investment a nation can make for lasting stability and economic prosperity. As a key global priority, education equity particularly concerns developing countries, including China, that strive to reach the goal of education for all. Creative approaches in teaching, in education systems leadership, and in providing relevant opportunities for diverse communities can bridge the divide between rich and poor, rural and urban areas, men and women. 

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