Xerox Emirates honored with an Award for their latest CSR initiative

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Published November 25th, 2013 - 07:02 GMT

Xerox Emirates, a member of the Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba group, has been awarded the Xerox Developing Markets Operations “Brighter Future Award” for creating a positive impact in their community. During the holy month of Ramadan, Xerox Emirates launched the “Supporting You, Supporting Them” Facebook Campaign, where fans could nominate a charity, community cause or project. 

Noor Dubai Foundation was recognized for their outstanding work to help prevent blindness and visual impairment through their mobile eye camp in Ethiopia. Sonam Sherpa, in collaboration with Himalayan Care Foundation, was recognized for their project to change attitudes about children with disabilities by building a new school where many disabled children get food, care and education. As the winners of the “Supporting You, Supporting Them” Facebook campaign, the organizations were awarded with financial support and Xerox memorabilia.    

Hervé Tessler, President, Developing Markets Operations for Xerox Technology, said “We created the Brighter Future Award to celebrate the contribution that our communities make in their local areas. Our goal is to raise the visibility of these achievements and to increase the total impact of contributions in across our countries.” 

The Brighter Future Award was awarded to Xerox Emirates in recognition of their commitment and dedication towards helping their communities have a brighter future. As part of the award, additional financial donations were made to each of the winners. 

Andrew Horne, General Manager, Xerox Emirates stated that “The award is of great pride to Xerox Emirates and demonstrates our commitment to making a positive difference in our community where we live and work and encouraging individuals and organisations to make a difference.” 

Noor Dubai is reaching millions in need around the world and their disease prevention campaigns and treatment camps aid villages that lack simple primary health care. 

“This award will provide treatment and will also change lives giving the entire community an opportunity to grow and prosper,” said Dr. Manal Omran Taryam, CEO and member of the board of Noor Dubai Foundation. “Our volunteers have a great opportunity for cultural experiences and to strengthen the bond between nations and with this award we will be able to spread awareness about the importance of sight and benefits of volunteering.” 

Himalayan Care Foundation is helping children in Solukumbu, one of the most remote areas in Nepal, to get access to education by building schools and raising funds. 

“We saw that children with disabilities are living a very hard life and many times are ignored by their own families and wanted to improve their lives, said Sonam Sherpa, Chairman of Himalayan Care Foundation in Nepal. “The funding from this award will help us impact the future of these children and we want to offer them a chance by building special schools where they can get food, care and education.”

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Headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, Xerox provides leading-edge document technology, services, software and genuine Xerox supplies for graphic communication and office printing environments of any size. 

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