Success may be one phone call away: preparing for the recruiter's call

Published August 2nd, 2015 - 07:36 GMT

I know so many people who apply for a dozen of jobs at a time, hoping to get at least one phone call from any of them in the nearest future. Typically when people are job hunting online, they don’t have time to prepare for the employer’s phone call (or think they don’t). This is how those awkward phone calls with lots of pauses and confusing sounds are made.

So before you find yourself in that situation, how about you learn to prepare before HR calls you about a particular job? To well prepare, you need to get familiar with the recruiter’s expectations from you BEFORE you even get to be interviewed by them for the first time.

The recruiter expects you to:

1.       Read and understand the job description and requirements. Before you apply, make sure that the job requirements apply to you and that you are fully qualified for the target job.

2.       Find out more about the job. Do you know where the job is? And how much time do you need to allocate to it? Knowing more about the job from the company’s Website or people working at the company or in the same field can save you and the recruiter time and effort.

3.       Answer the question: “why should the recruiter hire you”. Many apply for the sake of finding a job, no matter what that job is but they forget that it is not about them, but rather about the recruiter. Find out what problem is the recruiter trying to solve and be the solution. Turn your skills and expertise into benefits for the recruiter.

4.       Be professional. If you receive a request from your potential recruiter asking for your availability for a discussion, check your schedule to know when is a suitable time for you to talk. If you get the call first, politely mention when you can take the call or jointly decide on a convenient time for a discussion.

5.       Be courteous. In case HR calls you after a long period of waiting and you already got a job; be courteous and convey the same to the caller. Most of people just say they are “not interested” and hang up. Don’t be one of them! Be polite and professional, you never know, maybe in a year or even less than that, you will be doing business together.

Above all, the recruiter expects you to be truly interested in the job. If you show interest, you’re half way through to your target job.

By Shaden Abdulraman

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