Qatar's oil & gas sector buoys investor confidence

Qatar's oil & gas sector buoys investor confidence
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Published September 17th, 2013 - 10:28 GMT via

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Qatar shows a high degree of investor confidence
Qatar shows a high degree of investor confidence
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AN overwhelming majority of 93 percent respondents rated current business conditions in Qatar's oil and gas sector as positive, and 86 percent believe that conditions will remain positive in the next 12 months, according to a survey conducted recently by Qatar 2013 Investor Index.

With a reading of 82.3 on the Qatar 2013 Investor Index, Qatar shows a high degree of investor confidence.

The Qatar 2013 Investor Index is based on the response of 43 oil and gas executives and it also includes responses from diplomats, academics and policy makers. The survey consists of five attitudinal questions in which participants are asked to give positive or negative responses.

The 12-month investment horizon is also optimistic, with 83.7 percent of respondents agreeing that 12 months from the survey date would be a good time to invest in the market.

This contrasts with current investment conditions, as only 72.1 percent of those surveyed believe that now is the right time to invest in Qatar, representing the lowest reading on the five categories of the Index.

This figure agrees with 23.3 percent of respondents that do not expect revenue to increase in Qatar over the next 12 months.

This confirms that after decades of growth, the country's energy industry is consolidating its position worldwide.

Taking part in Qatar's hydrocarbons wealth is not always easy.

Only two respondents thought that doing business in Qatar is very easy, while the remaining were divided almost equally between easy and difficult at 48.8 and 46.5 percent, respectively.

The state's stance could be behind this, as 69.8 percent of respondents see the Qatari government as pro-business but restrictive.

Although the business environment is seen between easy and difficult, the majority of investors agree that starting an oil and gas business in Qatar is difficult or extremely difficult, pointing to well-established positions of existing companies that are already experiencing tough competition in the market.

The survey confirms Qatar's image as a stable country to invest in currently. The absolute majority of respondents, 95.3 percent, view the country as either highly stable.

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