Report: Iraq booby-trapping oilfields ahead of US invasion

Published January 26th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Iraq is booby-trapping its oilfields, planning to set ablaze some 1,500 oil wells—two thirds of which in southern Iraq and the rest its north—should the country be invaded by US-led forces, according to US military intelligence reports. The Iraqi government has strongly refuted these allegations as American propaganda. 


American reports indicate the Iraqi regime will attempt to ignite its oil reservoirs using remote detonation devices, as the Iraqis have done upon their withdrawal from Kuwait in 1991. In a bid to salvage Iraq's vast oil reserves and prevent a colossal environmental disaster, the Bush administration devised a high-priority strategic plan to rapidly seize control of the oil fields.  


US authorities already contacted three firefighting firms who specialize in extinguish burning oil wells—Wild Well Control, Cudd Well Control and Boots & Coots International Well Control. They are expected to follow closely on the heels of the invading forces, reported Houston Chronicle


The scheme also relates to managing Iraq’s oil in the aftermath of the looming war. It includes plans to stabilize international oil prices and channel Iraq’s oil revenues to allow the nation’s rebuilding and humanitarian aid. — ( 

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