The right stuff: Character traits that will get you the job

The right stuff: Character traits that will get you the job
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Published September 17th, 2015 - 13:17 GMT via

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Employers prefer problem solvers rather than those who complain or pass the buck. (Shutterstock)
Employers prefer problem solvers rather than those who complain or pass the buck. (Shutterstock)

While your qualifications are important, experts have been telling us lately that employers mostly hire based on character traits rather than work experience or related skills. That doesn’t mean you should neglect your resume, but rather that it won’t be enough to get you a job. Here are a list of the most desired traits in an employee as stated by employers:

1. Integrity

Every employer is looking for a trust worthy employee. It’s great if you’re friendly and popular, but if you can’t be trusted with confidential information or held accountable for your actions, you’re not going to be hired. When you’re asked certain questions that are related to your behavior at work or otherwise; showcase your integrityby highlighting the moments in your career where your honesty, trustworthiness and reliability yielded great results.

2. Adaptability

In today’s ever evolving industries, change is the only constant. During an interview, show your willingness to adapt when the company grows or reversely shrinks. Adaptability is a trait that makes you desirable to employers. When asked about how you handle pressure or difficult situations, talk about past experiences where you had to wear multiple hats and go beyond the scope of your role to help your boss and your company achieve goals.

3. Professionalism

The most successful applicant is the one who walks into every interview with their hand outstretched for a handshake, have done their homework on the interviewer and company and is dressed to fit effortlessly into the culture of the workplace.

4. Problem-solver

Your potential boss will appreciate it if you’re the problem-solver type of people as opposed to dependent and selfish. How to prove that you’re an initiator with a can do attitude? Start by asking if there’s a system in place for submitting solutions and ideas. If you’re asked about how you would behave in case a problem arises at work, express your willingness to think and suggest solutions to your manager instead of complaining or passing the buck.

5. Self-starter

Do you need to be prompted to take action or are you known to take initiative? In an interview, always provide examples of how you’ve worked well independently. The ability to take the lead on things without being told to,shows confidence and enthusiasmwhich are very much valued in an employee.

6. Loyalty

Are you looking to pay the bills or are you searching for a company and a team that you can learn and grow with over time? When discussing your previous work experience, make sure you mention for how long you handled certain responsibilities, what your achievements were, why you cared about the work. What’s important is to show that you’re capable of being loyal to something whether it’s a company, a place where you used to volunteer, a team, a certain work experience or anything else. Share those experiences in detail to illustrate your loyalty.

By Shaden Abdulraman

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