Robberies at two Jordan National Bank branches foiled

Published November 30th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Police on Tuesday, November 28, announced the arrest of two individuals who reportedly attempted to rob two different branches of the Jordan National Bank in Amman. No injuries were reported.  


The first incident, according to Amman Police Chief Brigadier General Bashir Majali, involved a 25-year-old student who attempted to cash a forged check by presenting someone else's identification cards.  


When bank employees refused his request, Majali said, he drew a weapon, which later proved to be a toy gun, and waved it at the employees screaming: “I will shoot you and shoot myself.”  


In the meantime, the police official told the Jordan Times that security personnel inside the bank in addition to security forces guarding the bank surrounded the area and apprehended the student peacefully.  


The second attempt occurred at the bank's Fourth Circle branch when a lottery salesperson monitoring the bank clients attempted to get away with $35,000.  


“The lottery salesperson monitored one of the bank clients who was getting ready to deposit money and placed a pile of US currency on the counter. The lottery salesperson who came after him snatched the amount and fled,” Majali said.  


However, he added, security personnel and security forces captured the man before he was able to flee.  


The police official praised bank employees and the bank's security personnel for their fast reaction and professionalism in dealing with the situation.  


According to Majali, police have beefed up their surveillance of banks around the city following several attacks on banks last year. The chief said undercover patrol units had been placed near every bank.  


He urged citizens to be cautious when carrying large amounts of money for deposit in banks or when withdrawing money.  


“We call on citizens to conceal their money carefully and not to leave any in their cars,” the official said. ― (Jordan Times)  


By Rana Husseini  

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