Sakhr and Xerox sign partnership agreement

Published October 16th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Company Press Release: 


Cairo — Sakhr Software Co., the pioneer of Arabic software industry, Xerox Egypt, leader of the global document market, announced signing a mutual partnership agreement with the aim of bundling Sakhr's software products with Xerox's document solutions. The deal also includes promoting joint co-operative marketing plans in the near future.  


Out of its emphasis on the added value to its multifarious line of business in the Arabic and global market, and making these products Arabic-enabled, Xerox Egypt found Sakhr to be the ideal partner for that goal, says Osama Raouf, Xerox Systems marketing manager. He further added that Sakhr has a long history of remarkable successes in dealing with Arabic, and hence is the best partner for venturing into Arabic solutions.  


The agreement includes implementing a joint marketing plan to inaugurate and further widen marketing avenues before both companies. Sakhr's ArabDox, the first Arabic documents management system, will be widely marketed with Xerox products.  


Also Sakhr's OCR, the Arabic optical charter recognition technology will be widely bundled within Xerox products. Sakhr's OCR converts the bitmap of a scanned page into editable text codes that can be saved in a wide variety of formats including HTML, and Unicode.  


Sakhr's Electronic Publisher, an integrated system that builds an inter-connected net of information and publishes it in the form of HTML on the Internet or Intranet or CD-ROM using a familiar web interface, will also be widely marketed with Xerox products. Sakhr's IDRISI, the Arabic prize winning search engine, will also be included in the agreement in addition to many other Sakhr's products.  


Commenting on the agreement, Jamil Ezzo, Sakhr's international marketing manager said: "The great agreement breeds a number of joint seminars, presentations and further marketing activities that will further enhance the publicity of our products to those interested in IT and document technologies."  


There is more to the story of co-operation between Sakhr and Xerox, "We are currently discussing other agreements to sign a comprehensive integrated advertisement co-operation between the two leading companies," added Magdi Al-Faramawi, Sakhr regional marketing manager.  


Xerox Egypt S.A.E. was set up in 1979 as a full operating subsidiary maintained by the Xerox International. Xerox offers the widest array of products and consulting services in the industry: publishing systems, copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines and document management software along with related products and services.  


Xerox Egypt is the market leader in document solutions covering the above-mentioned products and services. Combing the local and international experience, Xerox Egypt emerged as a pioneering company providing customers with customized solutions to totally cover their needs.  


Sakhr Software Co. was founded in Kuwait in 1982, and was relocated in Cairo in 1990. Sakhr, the leading Arabic software Co., develops software specifically tailored to the needs of the Arabic market and the Arabic language users. The company has pioneered many Arabic products and solutions that benefit from its long investment in research in the field of NLP (Natural Language Processing) for Arabic. 


Sakhr products and solutions include Automatic Diacritizer, Arabic Search and Retrieval, Machine Translation, Text To Speech TTS, Automatic Speech Recognition ASR, OCR, and Electronic Publishing, all use Arabic linguistic engine. Sakhr has also developed many educational and Arabic cultural products.  


Sakhr Software Co. is a division of Alalamiah Group, which includes companies in Kuwait, Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar, in addition to Cairo, Washington DC, and Tokyo. The company has a network of distributors in most Arabic and Islamic countries.

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