Unified exploitation? Saudi Arabia introduces standardized wage for temporary domestic workers

Published June 12th, 2014 - 02:42 GMT

The Ministry of Labor is planning to unify the wages of domestic workers hired on a temporary basis, the Makkah daily reported. Deputy Minister of Labor Ziyad Al-Sayegh said the ministry will publicize a list of approved wages to be paid to different categories of workers. 

He said the ministry will also publish a list of companies that offer such services and the commission they are entitled to.

Al-Sayegh noted that the ministry has taken this step to combat the black market for domestic workers, especially during Ramadan when domestic workers and companies supplying them exploit the increasing needs of families for domestic workers by inflating their fees.

He also explained that the ministry's "Ajeer" system is linked to recruitment companies and will allow the ministry to monitor the recruitment deals between the companies and their clients.

Al-Sayegh added that some companies have already begun their activities to provide the public with suitable domestic workers at reasonable fees.

He noted that the services and fees of these companies are subject to competition and fees that are approved by the ministry will be published for the benefit of the public.

The head of the recruitment committee at the Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ibrahim Al-Sanei, said 16 companies are already licensed to provide domestic workers on temporary hire.

He added that the public can hire domestic workers on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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