From oil to solar: Saudia Arabia positions itself as a clean energy heavyweight

Published September 24th, 2012 - 08:33 GMT
Is solar the new oil for the Saudi Kingdom?
Is solar the new oil for the Saudi Kingdom?

As a country having one of the most heated summers ever recorded on the planet, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now hailed as one of the world’s top solar power producers of the day, the Saudi-based Arab News reported on Sunday.

During the Solar Arabia Summit held in Riyadh last week, a challenge was posed to the Kingdom’s increasing capacity to produce more solar power energy, as Schneider Electrical projects view that solar power demands will arise after 17 years. 

Schneider Electrical sees solving the problem of the continuous demand of solar power in two ways: first is to equate the supply of power to that of the rise in demand and the second is to minimize the use of energy.


“Solar Energy is one of the most promising contributors to solve energy peak demand, expected to be 120 GW by 2030,” Renewable Energy Business Manager of Schneider Electrical Projects Jean-Claude Estival was quoted by Arab News as saying.

Estival also suggested a slogan that would help the Kingdom save up its solar power produce, as quoted by the news website. “The Kingdom should highlight a slogan such as: Make the most of your energy,” he said. 

Ahmed al-Rashoud, vice president of Schneider Electric in Saudi Arabia, proudly said that the Saudi Arabia’s produce of solar power complemented the Schneider Electric’s regional growth in 2011. 

Schneider Electrical believes that the continuing stability between the company and the Kingdom serves a strong presence in the country. Proof to this is the more than 8,000 customers and more than 1,000 employees it has in the country.

Schneider, one of the world’s pioneers in energy management, is aiming to uplift the Kingdom’s status by reducing significantly the emission of carbon. The effort roots back to the Kingdom’s status as being the highest energy consumer in the world per capita, having the fastest growth in population and having significant projects that uses up as much as seven to eight percent in the demand of energy. 

Studies conducted by the U.N. body Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center show that Saudi Arabia is the 10th largest carbon dioxide emitting nation.

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