Saudi Arabia's telecom operators join forces to block free internet-based calls

Published November 12th, 2015 - 11:39 GMT

Telecom companies operating in Saudi Arabia intend to form an alliance to prevent people from using free Internet telephone services as part of their joint efforts to increase their annual revenue from phone calls, Al-Watan Arabic daily reported on Wednesday.

“Major telecom companies in the Kingdom plan to stop net-based telephone services within a few weeks to increase their revenue,” the newspaper said quoting informed sources.

The sources said companies could close the net-based services without informing beneficiaries and without giving them any warning.

Lawyer Dr. Ibrahim Zamzami opposed the move and said telecom companies must meet the hopes and aspirations of their customers.

“The international telecom market is now open and telecom companies will not be able to make billions in profit through monopoly. They have to come up with innovative systems and practices to excel,” he told the Arabic daily.

“Telecom companies should take into consideration the financial capabilities of their customers while setting out marketing policies to win more clients. This should be an important marketing strategy for companies to make greater profits,” Zamzami said.

He said telecom companies would lose their customers if they continue to impose their monopolistic policies and measures, especially because of speedy development in information technology. They will not have any control on international telecommunication systems. At present millions of people use various net-based apps to make international calls.

According to Al-Watan, about 900 million people use WhatsApp application, 750 million use Messenger, 160 million Tango, and 115 million Line to connect with their families and friends around the world.


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