Saudi army looks into Czech anti-chemical contract

Published July 29th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

The Saudi army may sign a $26 million contract with the Czech Republic, for the training and equipping of a Saudi anti-chemical warfare unit, according to Pravo daily. The Saudis are expected to make their decision regarding the contract within one month.  


Under the contract, the Czech army would train the unit in appropriate follow-up procedures in the case of a chemical warfare attack. The Saudis would be equipped with a range of specialized gear to handle such an event, including Tatra vehicles.  


Czech anti-chemical units proved to be extremely well prepared to handle such warfare during the Gulf War, a decade ago, and are today considered one of NATO’s best unconventional warfare units.  


The initial offer for such an agreement was put forth by the Czech Defense Minister Jaroslav Tvrdik nearly four months ago. Since then, he has been invited to visit Saudi Arabia by his counterparts, who are presently in the Czech Republic discussing the matter. ― (MENA Report)

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