Saudi Telecom company improves network

Published May 13th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

The Saudi Telecommunication Company (STC), Etisalat, announced recently that it has decreased the number of faulty telephone lines from 48,827 in February 2001 to 25,527 in March 2001, reflecting a 47 percent drop. 


In another move to improve service for customers, Etisalat recently announced that it would soon offer direct access to billing accounts via the Internet. Al-Hayat daily reported that the company’s telephone subscribers would then be able to check their accounts simply by entering a password on the Etissalat website. This step reflects the company’s intention to promote electronic commerce in Saudi Arabia. 


The company installed 122,000 regular telephone lines in the Riyadh region during the year 2000, reported Al-Watan daily, as well as 174,000 new mobile telephone lines. This reflects a 64 percent increase in installations compared with 1999. The Riyadh region also saw 33,300 new family cellular lines and 37,000 pager lines installed during 2000. 


During the month of March 2001, Etisalat connected 3,286 new telephone lines in various regions of the kingdom, bringing the total number of available telephone lines in the kingdom to 3,012,827. — (MENA Report)

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