Seeking greener pastures? Things to consider before moving jobs

Published September 27th, 2015 - 04:00 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

Moving onto a new job or a new employer is one of those decisions that should never be taken lightly. Professionally I have always believed in the importance of moving forward rather than looking backwards.

There are several things to consider before you do take on a new job offer and I would always urge people to do their research and some serious thinking before making any big decisions.

Here are a few areas which you should think about before moving to a new firm.


The very best companies always have the right people in key positions. It stands to reason that if you are ambitious and forward thinking then you have to have like-minded staff. If your prospective employer has the same level of ambition as you do for your career, this can indicate a good fit in terms of helping you move forward.


In this ultra-competitive world it is the companies that have the vision and the ability to think ahead of the game which stand out from the rest of the pack. You need to ask yourself if you are moving to a job where you are going to be constantly challenged and expected to perform at the highest level. Being comfortable and carrying out routine and mundane tasks can get very boring very quickly. What you are looking for is a company which wants to go places and expects the best from its staff.


Work is a very big part of all of our lives and there is no point in going somewhere that has no sense of fun or enjoyment. We spend a large chunk of our lives within the office so you don’t want to be somewhere that makes you miserable and unhappy. The very best employers are the ones who can create the right atmosphere but at the same time remain highly productive. Remember culture is not just about parties and fun days out – it's also about the people at the top being open to ideas from everyone. In my business, I have always encouraged people at all levels to put forward any ideas they may have. This is a great motivator, and shows them how valued they are.


There is nothing wrong with hard work but the most productive staff are the ones who get the work/life balance right. People need the opportunity to recharge their batteries. Sometimes you have to work harder and longer to get an important job done but a long hours culture where people are afraid to go home won't necessarily mean that it is productive.

Big or small

The demands of work are often linked to the kind of business you work for. Smaller firms tend to need people who are prepared to take risks and work under their own initiative. They offer you the opportunity to take on a great deal of responsibility and be flexible with what you do. The downside is that there is much more risk associated with smaller operations; larger and more established firms tend to offer security and stability. It makes sense as an individual to check your skills and temperament matches the firm you are planning to join.

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