Snapchat Helps Bahrain Police Catch Drug Dealer

Published July 6th, 2017 - 01:38 GMT
Snapchat helps the police catch a drug dealer in Bahrain. (File photo)
Snapchat helps the police catch a drug dealer in Bahrain. (File photo)
Bahrain police was recently able to nab a drug peddler using Snapchat videos and pictures.

 With the help of an informer, an anti-narcotics policeman caught the suspect redhanded while selling a piece of hashish worth BD100 ($265) last March.

This was unveiled yesterday during the suspect’s trial before the Fifth High Criminal Court. It was shown that the female informer had contacted the suspect through Snapchat, requesting narcotics, after gaining his trust by informing him that they have a mutual friend.

“They agreed to meet in front of a restaurant in Adliya area in the Capital, where the delivery took place. Next, the suspect was chased and stopped by a police patrol near Al Fateh intersection. The photocopied amount that he received from the informer, a medium-size piece of hashish, rolling papers and a scale were found in the suspect’s possession,” court files showed.

The suspect confessed in the interrogation that he began abusing drugs around two years prior to the incident. He also told that he purchased from a dealer in Saudi Arabia and that he began selling his own drugs after experiencing financial difficulties.

He was accused by the Public Prosecution on March 4 of possessing, selling and abusing narcotics. The Judge yesterday adjourned the case to August 2.


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