Southern Lebanese are hot under the collar over water cuts

Published August 3rd, 2015 - 11:13 GMT

Dozens of hot and sweaty protesters tried to storm into the South Lebanon Water Authority Monday over water cuts but were blocked by security forces.

"We want to drink and shower," the protesters chanted, as temperatures and humidity levels steadily rise across the country with an electricity shortage preventing pumps from delivering water supplies.

Security forces also blocked an attempt by protesters to cut Sidon's main road in protest of the water cuts.

"Isn't the summer heat enough?" one protester complained to The Daily Star.

The power supplied to Sidon, the nearby district of Zahrani and towns to the east of the city does not exceed two hours each day.

The power shortage is leading to water cuts, as the water pumps operate on electricity and the state-run Sidon Water Authority cannot afford the costs of operating electric generators.

The Zahrani power plant has been out of service for the past 15 days, forcing people to cope with temperatures rising to about 34 degrees Celsius over the weekend.

Last month, Electricite du Liban announced that one of the plant’s two gas units was not working and required immediate maintenance.

By Mohammed Zaatari 

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