Stability on Cairo\'s stock exchange

Published December 12th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

On Sunday, December 10, the market stabilized, with lower profile stocks realizing the highest price gains. However, investor sentiment remains sluggish, as scant volumes testify to the lack of a concrete catalyst spurring market activity.  


Mohandes Insurance (MOIN.CA) was the number one performer, closing limit up at LE15.96 on volume of 100 shares. Suez Bags (SBAG.CA) followed suit, climbing 5 percent to finish at LE164.64 with 100 shares changing hands.  


Likewise, losers included Cairo Precision Industries –OLYMPIC (OLYM. CA), which dropped limit down to LE29.45 in thin volume of 120 shares. Lakah Group (HCFI.CA) traded the highest volume for the day of 1.24 million shares to close 3.95 percent lower at LE2.92. 


Egyptian Media Production City (MPRC.CA) gained 0.39 percent to LE20.72 while local GSM provider MobiNiL (EMOB.CA) rose a slight 0.81 percent to close at LE82.26. Overall, the PAMI inched up 0.29 percent to close at 8,160.1 while the PIPO rose 0.21 percent to 1,707.9. ¯ Prime Securities S.A.E. 

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