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Published September 20th, 2015 - 04:00 GMT
Start your day with a clean slate: a clean desk will help put things in perspective. (Shutterstock)
Start your day with a clean slate: a clean desk will help put things in perspective. (Shutterstock)

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day; I say, so is the first hour for you at work!

Settling down at your desk, checking your voice calls and cleaning your desk are only examples of what your morning routine could look like.

Here are 5 things you should do in the first hour of every work day:

1.  Arrive on time

This may be obvious to most people—but some don’t realize that showing up late can not only leave a bad impression, but also throw off your entire day.

2. Take a moment for yourself

You left home in a hurry, endured yet another crazy commute only to dive into the madness of work immediately. Slow down! Take a moment to pause and create a routine that is centered around you.

Breathing helps. Take a deep breath, give yourself five minutes to get settled in. Don’t let frantic coworkers rush you into doing what’s on THEIR to-do list.

3. Start each day with a clean slate

Treat each day as a fresh one. You may have to deal with yesterday’s unfinished tasks, but don’t just pick up where you reached. It’s a new day and a new start, so review what have to be done today including old tasks and put everything in perspective before you start working.

Clean your desk, organize your documents, remove old stuff and do whatever it takes to start a new.

4. Organize your day

While your mind is still fresh, assess your priorities and focus on what you must accomplish today. Do that before you open your inbox so that you won’t get distracted. You don’t want to place somebody else’s priorities with yours.

Make a to-do list, or make sure you update the one you made the previous day, and try to stick to it. However, if your boss has an urgent need, then it’s OK to re-shuffle your priorities within reason.

5. Socialize a bit

This is important to do first thing every morning to keep morale high, but on Monday it's particularly valuable, as everyone needs a special boost. Taking 5 minutes to talk to your colleagues will strengthen the sense of community at work and make you feel better.

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