Startup of the Week: Brio Bags - Saving Lebanon’s Marine Life One Bag at a Time

Published March 7th, 2021 - 11:00 GMT
Startup Brio Bags
The bags are famous for their versatile use and ergonomic, foldable, and functional design. (Courtesy of Brio Bags)

Made out of 100% biodegradable raw materials, the startup Brio Bags aims to raise awareness on the importance of saving Lebanon’s (and eventually the world’s) deteriorating marine life.


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The Startup's Journey

The conscious startup was founded in June 2019 by Malak Terkawi, an environmental enthusiast -who although majored in Information Technology- chose to follow her calling through bringing the world of functional fashion and environmental activism. 

When sharing her journey, Malak said: “Seeing how humans’ consumption of plastic bags was literally suffocating our marine life called me to do something about it. I therefore immediately wanted to provide a local alternative that is environmentally-conscious, functional, and affordable.” 

Startup Brio Bags

Source: Brio Bags

This startup comes at the right time. Once famous for its naturally rich and blue water, Lebanon has recently made headlines for its polluted water. In 2019, people in Tripoli were warned against swimming in its public beaches that once welcomed everyone across Lebanon.

More recently, the marine sciences centre rated a beach near Tripoli as dangerous and highly polluted due to the excessive amount of fecal streptococci; highly due to sewage dumping in water but also human pollution. This not only affects the lives of the beach-goers and fishers, but also the marine life. 

“Of course, an act as such does not come without its challenges. It starts with changing people’s attitude through raising awareness which is where we are right now with our media outreach. These challenges, although draining at times, keep the spark within me going towards building a nation with a sustainable mindset driven by environmentally-friendly actions,” Malak added. 

The Startup's Products 

The bags are famous for their versatile use and ergonomic, foldable, and functional design. They are made out of raw jute and cotton with the needs of users in mind. The sizes and styles vary from Baggy bag, Tote Bag, and Segmented Bag.


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Good news: put together in Lebanon, Brio Bags ships worldwide today! Follow their journey on Instagram to know more about their mission to saving our marine life, one bag at a time.

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