Step Up Your Marketing Game with These 12 Video Tools

Published August 13th, 2020 - 12:30 GMT
Step Up Your Marketing Game with These 12 Video Tools
Video marketing is essential these days as the demand for online advertising has risen dramatically in recent years. (Pixabay)

Video marketing is a very prominent way of advertising your products to the world. With the help of some of the most excellent video making tools, one can promote their brand online. A well-designed video would encourage more viewers to the website, thereby increase the traffic. This will help the brand owners to establish their product in the market.

Video editing tools are plenty and choosing the right one can be very tricky. For this, below we have mentioned 12 excellent tools that every content marketer should know about. Scroll down to check them out!

1. Tube Buddy

One of the best things about this video tool is that it can be operated from your mobile as well as your PC. This is a free movie maker tool that has a lot of features like thumbnail generation, post scheduling, keyword research, competitor analysis, and many more. Once it’s set up, the video marketing tools directly get combined with your YouTube channel giving you an upper hand over the rest.

2. Vid IQ

This tool is top-rated for those who are looking forward to making Youtube marketing. This video tool allows users to do keyword research, competitor’s research, and analysis. You can also compare all your statistics with your competitors and find out what you are lacking. This video marketing tool is straightforward to use and also has access to real-time data. For people using Firefox, it is very beneficial as it comes with a Firefox extension facility.

3. Splasheo

Splasheo is one of the most popular video editing software having a very easy to use interface, helping marketers to make videos that can have a more significant visual impact. With the help of Splasheo you can give your video a more professional look irrespective of the length of the video. Splasheo helps you form captions that will grab the attention of the viewers and keep them glued to your work.

4. Wistia

Wistia is much more than a video editing tool as it helps not only to customize videos but also for the whole channel to be customized. In this, the users can choose a thumbnail, branding, logos, and much more quickly from its extensive options available. With the help of Wistia content, marketing teams can formulate better visual and branding options that will increase viewers on their website.

5. Vidyard

Vidyard is famous for its content marketing team due to its three main features which are video, video personalization and recording, and sharing of the screen. The video personalization feature is one of the most advanced ones in this video editor enabling content marketers to prepare alluring videos for their viewers. Having a top-quality video editor like Vidyard enables video marketers to improve the retention of customers. This, in return, will add up to the quality of sales.

6. Placeit

Placeit is a template hub for content marketers who are not willing to start creating videos from scratch. This video editor helps to add templates that are mainly available as per your needs. Templates can be chosen from this editing app that matches your preferences and can be used to make videos more appealing. It is best for organizations that are working with labeling t-shirts, banners, cups, book covers, and many more.

7. InVideo

InVideo helps to create videos that are professional by making slideshows. They consist of various templates that can be matched as per your requirements. This tool also has a wide variety of fonts, colors, music, and photos that can be added to the video to allure customers and increase traffic. These fonts enable you to add text to videos to make your videos look more fascinating. Also, this tool enables you to use your logo as a watermark giving your videos a brand identity.

8. Agorapulse

This video editor is specifically used for editing social media videos to provide high-quality video content. This editor enables you to get more engagements from your customers and also has features to schedule posts. This tool has come with cool key features which include- hashtag discovery, scheduling of contents, and recommendations in the topic and saved searches that make it one of the best.

9. Common Craft

This tool for editing videos and photos, it’s free until you want to purchase something. It is highly suitable for creating videos and animations that can have a lasting effect on your customers. The uploading process in this tool is rapid and can be used to create videos for explaining the products and services provided by your organization. This tool enables you to perform your entire video editing task in very little time.

10. Filmora

Many content marketers highly appreciate Filmora as it has a wide variety of options such as color effects, speed, brightness, rotation, and many more. The powerful video editor can help marketers create videos that will have a lasting impact by choosing a wide range of tools if you are looking for a video editing software for Mac look no further. Their mobile application support for android and iOS is enabling editors to perform their tasks on the go.

11. Powtoon

Powtoon is very popular for having a high power sufficient editing tool that will enable users to create professional videos in less than 20 minutes. This tool allows content marketers to create a wide range of videos such as personal, educational, and commercial. There are various templates available that can be chosen as per the needs and videos here can be produced in various formats which is rewarding.

12. Magisto

Magisto is a well-renowned video editing tool that comes with top-notch features to get work done in a short period. With the help of this tool, you can create videos for awareness and also promotional activities to create awareness for your brand. The tool has plenty of captions and music options which can be selected as per the liking to create superior videos that can generate leads.


Video marketing is essential these days as the demand for online advertising has risen dramatically in recent years. Using the video editing software mentioned above will enable you and your organization to create some of the most beautiful videos. These tools can benefit any organization that is looking forward to interacting with their respective consumers online.

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