Want a Stress-Free Job in UAE? Avoid These Sectors

Published December 12th, 2017 - 03:45 GMT
A new report suggests that stress levels are highest in medium-sized companies in the UAE. (Pixabay)
A new report suggests that stress levels are highest in medium-sized companies in the UAE. (Pixabay)

Employee stress can be a drain on the organisation as well as the individual. Those that are burned out typically suffer from higher rates of absenteeism.

Stress is not uncommon in the UAE's fast-paced commercial work culture, hence, the rate of people switching jobs is also quite high.

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Many a time, employees switch to big or small organizations - depending on their previous experiences - hoping that the work culture will be less-stressful and they will be able to perform better.

But, sadly, that is not the case.

A newly-released report suggests that the stress level is highest in the medium-sized companies in the UAE.

UAE managers were asked: "How common is employee burnout within your organisation?"

UAE managers were asked: "Which, if any, of the following has your company implemented to prevent employee burnout?"

On average, workplace burnout is an issue for nearly two-third - 64 per cent - of businesses in the UAE, reveals a survey by Robert Half UAE.

"Workplace stress is highest among medium-sized businesses (74 per cent), and lowest among small businesses (57 per cent).

"Candidates are interested in purposeful careers and are looking for opportunities where they can achieve both a good work-life balance and career development. Businesses can successfully attract top performing talent in today's market-irrespective of the skills shortage-if they adapt their approach," says Gareth El Mettouri, Associate Director at Robert Half UAE.

According to the research studies, there are 350,000 small and medium enterprises in the UAE, employing around 3.4 million people out of UAE's approximately 9.4 million population.

"Managers need to realise that if they want their direct reports to fulfil their potential, it won't be possible if they are stressed. And the way to reverse a stress response is to help induce positive emotions," according to Dr. Christine Carter, a sociologist and senior fellow, greater good Science Center at the University of California.

Businesses say that they are currently implementing the promotion of a team-based environment (56 per cent), encouraging time off (42 per cent) and hiring more staff (42 per cent) to help alleviate pressure. 

By Waheed Abbas

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