Suez traffic upward trend continues

Published May 28th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

The number of vessels passing through the Suez Canal this past March increased by nearly eleven percent compared with the traffic volume during March of last year. While a total of 1088 vessels were recorded in March 2000, the figure rose to 1208 for the period of March 2001.  


Of this total, 218 were oil tankers, constituting a rise of 27 percent from last year’s 171 tankers passing trough the canal during the month of March. The number of general cargo vessels also increased, by three percent, from 917 in March 2000 to 946 in March 2001. 


Revenue from the Suez canal stood at $152.4 million in March 2000, and rose to $162.2 million in March 2001, an increase of six percent, according to the Egyptian Monthly Bulletin.  


The total revenues during the period of July 1999 to March 2000 amounted to $1.393 billion, while this figure rose to $1.465 billion over the same period the following year. This trend reflected a five percent increase in revenue.  


The total number of non-oil vessels passing through the canal over the period of July 1999 through March 2000 stood at 8,567, and increased to 8,731 over the same period the following year. The number of oil transporting vessels also rose over the course of the year, from 1,595 to 2,034. — (MENA Report)

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