Smells like team spirit: How working together can help you achieve your goals

Published November 23rd, 2015 - 05:00 GMT
Working in a team improves personal communication skills and helps exchange of information. (Shutterstock)
Working in a team improves personal communication skills and helps exchange of information. (Shutterstock)

Engaging with teams can help you and your colleagues facilitate tasks and reach targets. In fact, half of employers in the Middle East said they are looking for team players, according to the Middle East Job Index survey released in August 2015. What you can do is organize weekly discussions to help you break the ice and change your routine. Here’s how teamwork can really help you grow your career.

1. Gaining perspective
Every person has different opinions and different ways of doing things. Your differences can widen your horizons, which can help you discover new information and points of view. Fortunately, 78% of professional respondents in a poll on diversity at work in the Middle East feel that their organization is good at connecting multiple tasks and ideas together in a novel way; 35.2% strongly agree with this sentiment.

2. Brainstorming
Brainstorming can help you discover solutions to problems that you couldn’t have otherwise solved alone.

3. Achieving goals
Working in teams helps each one of you achieve his or her goals.

4. Learning new things
98% of respondents in the poll on learning in the Middle East workplace say that working in a company that provides learning and development opportunities is very important. Exchanging thoughts, knowledge and experiences will add more information to your own inventory. You also strengthen your ties with the rest of the team in the process.

5. Competitive spirit
Competing with your colleagues in a fair and courteous manner will bring out the best in each of you and will motivate you to achieve your goals more efficiently.

6. Communication skills
63% of respondents in the Middle East Job Index survey said they are looking to hire candidates with good communication skills. Being a savvy communicator at work helps you develop your professional growth as well as the growth of your company. Good communication will strengthen your personality and equip you with leadership skills, such as the art of presenting and speaking before large audiences.

7. Noble sentiments
Team-building activities that encourage a group spirit allow you and your colleagues to enjoy a friendly relationship and to eliminate sentiments of hate.
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