These 7 Job Roles in the Middle East Have Thousands of Vacancies Right Now

Published August 23rd, 2017 - 03:40 GMT
Engineering is a huge field of work, and reportedly one of the most popular career paths in the Middle East. (File photo)
Engineering is a huge field of work, and reportedly one of the most popular career paths in the Middle East. (File photo)

No matter what field you are in or what country across the Middle East you are looking at, you should know that there are 10,000+ jobs to apply for on on any given day! Exciting, right?

Let’s take a look at the hottest job roles! Here is the list:

1) Information Technology 1200+ jobs

Technology, computers, and mobiles are now fundamental parts of the modern economy and everyday life. Programmers, software engineers and developers are no longer exclusive job roles to IT companies. IT Professionals now work in basically all areas and sectors of the economy. Do you have the affinity for technology? Take a look at these career options then!

2) Marketing and PR 1100+ jobs

The great thing about this field is that it spans so many different areas and specialties. Some of them would definitely suit your passions and skills. Social media, performance marketing, content development, B2B marketing, public and media relations, and many other fields and career possibilities await for you. Check them out here.

3) Sales 1050+ jobs

Very few careers offer the income potential that sales careers have. When you work in sales, your salary is usually based on your performance. There will be targets and activity expectations, which – depending on the personality – may be highly motivating or a bit stressful. But there are also plenty of rewards associated with this type of work. Performance rewards come in the form of commissions, quarterly and annual bonuses, prizes and other incentives. To a large extent, you are in control of your own income. Take a look at these sales opportunities.

4) Engineering 1000+ jobs

Engineering is a huge field of work, and reportedly one of the most popular career paths in the Middle East. There is almost no other career that spreads over so many areas like business, agriculture, healthcare, entertainment, and more. Careers in engineering are always progressing and new technologies and processes are being developed all the time. Eager to find a job in this feel? Start looking here.

5) Management 650+ jobs

Management is one of the largest, most diverse, and most interesting areas of work in the global economy. Managers are usually paid well to perform a range of different duties and responsibilities in every sector. They are responsible for achieving the organization’s objectives through effective and efficient utilization of resources. They also use technology and keep an eye on the latest trends and insights that can help them maintain productivity within their departments and units. You think you got what it takes to be a manager? Apply here.

6) Accounting and Auditing 500+ jobs

By keeping and inspecting financial accounts, the core responsibility for an accountant is to handle money and understand the ins and outs of cash flows. An auditor performs many of the same tasks as an accountant, but they are also responsible for reviewing the work of the accountant and making sure everything conforms to laws and regulations. If this is your area of passion, take a look at these jobs.

7) Administration 350+ jobs

There are numerous administration career opportunities in every sector, but more options in some industries than others. For example: local governments, health, finance, transport and the manufacturing sectors all provide a good number of administrative jobs and a solid path for career progress. Check them out here!

Keep in mind that thousands of additional vacancies are directly filled by employers who use CV Search. So, keep your profile on updated and powerful at all times!

By Juan Kurdi

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