Top 10 Most Discussed Technologies on the Internet

Published January 19th, 2022 - 06:00 GMT
Top 10 Most Discussed Technologies on the Internet

The shift into a digital and technology driven world is continuing to evolve by the day, and with that comes an increased interest in technologies. And what better way to learn about something than on the internet? 

With more and more discussions around transformative technologies, here are the top 10 most discussed technologies on the internet between January 2021 and November 2021, according to a list compiled by

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1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Topping the list is no one other than artificial intelligence, which has become quite prevalent in many leading industries almost like it can be used anywhere! With its ability to let machines interact with humans and improve processes in a faster and more efficient manner, AI has an estimate of 175,837 online articles written about it! 

2. Machine Learning

Runner-up is machine learning with 103,508 online articles. With machine learning really being a subset of AI, it does not come as a surprise to see it hold one of the top spots. In short, machine learning is what allows machines, robots and systems to analyze data and make decisions without programming and with very limited human intervention. 

3. Virtual Reality (VR)

With around 64,509 online articles written about it, VR comes in third place. This can be significantly attributed to the fact that the virtual world is increasing in popularity with metaverse becoming the next big thing. 

4. Augmented Reality (AR)

While augmented reality does not give the experience of being fully immersed in the digital world, it still has about 34,632 articles written about it. Augmented reality is more about enhancing the physical world through sensory stimuli and can be accessed by simply using a smartphone, whereas VR is more about being completely in a virtual world. 

5. Quantum Computing

Right in the middle of the list is quantum computing with 32,548 online articles. And even though this time of computing isn’t normally brought up in day-to-day tech conversations, it still does have its own experts. This less spoken about technology uses quantum mechanics to help solve complex problems. 

6. Cloud Computing

Despite the fact that cloud computing might be a more popular and known terminology in the real world than quantum computing, it came in 6th place with 28,874 online articles. Cloud computing delivers and encompasses different computing services, such as storage, servers, software, networks and much more. 

7. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The transition into the digital world also entails integrating robots and machines into our lives. RPA does exactly that, as it works on creating software robots that can mimic human behavior. That is precisely why software technologies like RPA are gaining quite the audience. From January until November of 2021, 27,435 online articles have been written about it. 

8. 5G

The latest mobile network generation, 5G, has the world fully immersed in deploying it. It has 21,928 online articles written about it. 

9. Digital Twins

Giving a physical object a real time virtual representation can be quite intriguing and can even help businesses better simulate and test models. In short, digital twins technology replicates physical products, processes or services into a digital depiction. With 9,486 online articles written about it, the digital twins technology comes in 9th place. 

10. Edge computing

At the other end of the spectrum is edge computing which holds the tenth position for most discussed technologies on the internet. Contrary to the name itself, edge computing does not use the cloud on several different data centers, but instead the computing itself is done at the source of the data or near it. Around 7,433 online articles have been written about it. 

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