Top 10 Most Influential Brand in Saudi Arabia

Published April 18th, 2019 - 07:00 GMT
Google is Saudi Arabia’s Most Influential Brand.
Google is Saudi Arabia’s Most Influential Brand. (Ipsos)
Ipsos Most Influential Brands Survey for KSA shows Tech & Digital brands in the lead, 2 local brands make the top 10
Ipsos in KSA has announced the results of its “Most Influential Brands” survey, conducted for the first time in Saudi Arabia.
The study measured consumer perceptions towards 120 leading National, Regional, and Global brands in terms of their influence on people, based on a comprehensive list of attributes. This survey is part of an annual global effort conducted by Ipsos across 17 markets around the world. 

Google Takes Top Spot

For this first edition, the tech giant Google took the number one spot as the most influential brand in Saudi Arabia, driven mainly by its ability to shape consumer behavior, and introducing people to something important which they never knew they needed. 

Tech & Digital Brands Lead the Market

In total, the top 10 most influential brands list had 7 tech or digital brands, showcasing the important role that this sector plays today in consumers’ lives. Apple, YouTube (another Google Brand), Microsoft, and Samsung complete the Top 5, with these brands characterized by their leading edge, trustworthiness, and strong salience. The survey results show that these brands were consistently able to deliver something new to the market which drove their influence. 

The strong showing of tech and digital brands in the top 10 is not unique to KSA. Similar results are seen in many other markets, such as Canada, the UK, and the US, where digital brands managed to trigger a strong emotional response that most of us can no longer imagine our lives without them. 

Two Local Saudi Arabian Heavyweights in the Top 10

Amongst the 120 brands assessed in the study, 2 local brands made into to the top 10 list, and 6 into the top 20. In comparison, only 5 other markets had more local brands in their top 10 than Saudi Arabia, showcasing that in fact local brands are quite influential in KSA.  Continuous presence and the ability to project a local identity in a competitive market allowed Al Rajhi Bank (7) and STC (9) to break into the list. Both brands have generated a high level of trust amongst consumers in the Kingdom, showcasing significant influence on the community. 

Top 10 Most Influential Brands in KSA 

1.  Google 

2.  Apple 

3.  YouTube 

4.  Microsoft  

5.  Samsung 

6. (An Amazon Company) 

7.  Al Rajhi Bank

8.  Visa

9.  Saudi Telecom 

10. Facebook


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