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Published June 21st, 2016 - 11:53 GMT
Put your spare time to good use this summer. (File photo)
Put your spare time to good use this summer. (File photo)

How accomplished will you feel if when September rolls around, you can actually open your resume and add another skill or certificate to it? Very, I am guessing! Well summer is the perfect time to make your dreams come true. Although summer is the perfect time to relax and recharge, it is also the perfect time to pick up a few new skills. Put the extra time you have to good use!

Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to spend all you free time and money on learning new things, we’re suggesting you devote a few hours every week to advancing your career, boosting your job search and ultimately landing the job of your dreams! The professionals at have prepared a list of 15 courses that can help you boost your career and all under 100$!

1. Selling Skills Certification (Available in English only)

Fees: $49.00


Though you can’t really learn how to be a salesperson, acquiring some basic skills before making a move into the profession can be the key to your success. In this course you will learn the skills you’ll need to shine as salesman. The course will offer you valuable tools, techniques and concepts related to the art of selling!

2. Human Resources Certification (Available in Arabic only)

Fees: $50.00


Human Resources departments has become indispensable for outstanding company performances. If you have a startup or you’re looking forward to building a career in the HR field, then this course is for you! This certification will impart the most important skills required to perform this dynamic function that is branching out into highly specialized and strategic roles.

3. Statistical Methods for Business (Available in English only)

Fees: $99.00


In normal day-to-day business activities, you might find yourself asking the following questions: Has my employees’ performance improved over the past 5 years? If yes, by how much? What are the chances that my business will sell 20% more products next year than this year? The Business Statistics Certification will teach you important statistical methods that will help you address such issues better, enabling you to make more informed and effective business decisions.

4. Social Networking Sites Management (Available in Arabic only)

Fees: $75.00


Go on an introduction to social media platforms journey with the course instructor Mohammed Al Shareef. In this course you will learn how to choose the perfect platform for your business and how to manage it. You’ll be introduced to Hootsuite, one of the most popular social media managing tools.

5. Lean Management Certification (Available in English Only)

Fees: $99.00


This Certification will provide you knowledge of the essential tools, techniques and concepts of lean management, and assist you become a successful lean management professional. The well-researched subject matter of this Certification, including numerous examples will give you an inside-out understanding of how a lean enterprise functions.

6. Turn Your Idea to Reality (Available in Arabic only)

Fees: $15.00


Do you have the next “big thing” living in your head, and you’re looking for a way to get it out? This course will help you turn your ideas to successful projects. Ahmed Izzat, the course instructor, will share the up and down sides to starting your own company, tell you about success stories and give you the tips to become one yourself!

7. Project Management Certification (Available in English only)

Fees: $99.00


This course offers a breakthrough model for dealing with the realities of managing projects at supersonic speeds. Learn to meet and win the challenges of truncated timelines, short-staffed project teams, skimpy budgets and crippling risks. This Certification has been designed in a manner to be easily understood by both people new to projects, as well as seasoned managers. Schedule: Defining the scope of a project Scheduling & Risk management Quality control & Cost control Leadership & Team building.

8. Search Engine Optimization Certification (Available in English only)

Fees: $49.00


Want to be a leading SEO expert? Well, this is your chance to become one! This course will teach you how to give your business an increased Web presence and a strong identity. You will learn, among other things, tricks and techniques that will give you an edge over competition. Take this Certification and embark on a rewarding career.

9. Adobe Photoshop Step-by-step (Arabic version)

Fees: $60.00


Adobe Photoshop has become one of the must-know programs, whether you work in design, marketing or any other job role that needs artwork. This course will introduce you to the tools available on Photoshop and will teach you how to use them to create the perfect designs.

10. Kaizen Online Certification (Available in English only)

Fees: $99.00


The ExpertRating Kaizen Certification will teach you, in an easy-to-understand manner, important Kaizen principles. You will receive a definite edge over your peers after mastering ways of effecting continuous improvement in your tasks. This Certification is one of the most popular online Kaizen certifications and will impart you proficiency in the diverse aspects of Kaizen. You will receive in-depth information on important aspects related to the art of Kaizen like meaning, elements, goals, foundation, principles of Kaizen, Kaizen models and implementation of Kaizen in an organization.

11. Lead Generation Techniques (Available in Arabic only)

Fees: $75.00


We live in a world full of opportunities in every corner. This course will help you find and target good prospects in the markets you’re working in! You will learn new sales searching techniques and tools like online networking, cold emailing and many others that could be key in leads generation.

12. Time Management Certification (Available in English only)

Fees: $99.00Course12

Having to handle and work on different projects at the same time is a nowadays must-do. This certification will impart necessary skills for becoming a more organized individual. The Time Management Certification is well-researched and contains several time management tools, time management techniques, time management tips and concepts.

13. Photography Basics (Available in Arabic only)

Fees: $25.00


This course is an introduction to photography. You will learn how to take photos, the difference between cameras, lenses and the lighting effect does to photos. You will learn about the history of photography and camera making.

14. Public Speaking Certification (Available in English only)

Fees: $100.00


This public speaking skills certification will help you become a comfortable and confident public speaker. You will learn to effectively communicate your ideas to others and therefore, enjoy a definite advantage in matters of career progression and in personal associations, than the ones who are not good speakers. This is the finest selling public speaking skills certification you can find.

15. How to Market a New Product (Available in Arabic only)

Fees: $50.00Course15

In this course you will learn the steps for perfect marketing results. Ahmed Izz, the course’s instructor, will share with you success stories for companies who followed these steps. You don’t have to be a marketing specialist to register in this course, marketing is a skill that should be mastered by all professionals.

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