Tunisian economy increasingly fragile

Published September 20th, 2012 - 09:34 GMT
The Tunisian economy is facing increased fragility
The Tunisian economy is facing increased fragility

Members of Board of Directors of the Tunisian Industry, Trade and Handicrafts Union (UTICA) met, on Wednesday in Tunis, to caution against “the country's fragile economic situation, characterised by deterioration of the investment climate and worsening of the enterprises' difficulties.”

In a communiqué published on Wednesday, the members spoke of “the negative impact of the recent events in the country, on the confidence of the Tunisian and foreign investors,” stressing the importance to grant the national economy the required importance in the national debate to resolve Tunisia's real issues: employment, investment, export, funding, education and training.

Additionally, they called on all sides involved in the collective bargaining process to take into consideration the hardships facing the Tunisian enterprises, underscoring in particular the need “to help UTICA participate in the economic decision-making and be associated in the authorities charged with the economic and social files.”

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