Turkey orders energy-saving measures

Published October 6th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Turkish Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit announced Wednesday a package of power saving measures as a long-standing energy shortage in the country was further aggreviated when drought hit vital hydroelectric dams. 


"The water level in hydroelectric power plants has reached the lowest level in 10 years because rainfall was under the average level," Ecevit said in a circular. "The balance between energy supply and demand has reached a critical point." 


Ecevit said that in order to evade power cuts, energy should not be used unnecessarily and "saving should start in the public sector." 


"This saving campaign should set an example for the private sector and all citizens," he added. 

The circular ordered public offices to re-arrange working hours in order to benefit from a maximum of daylight, to use power-saving light bulbs and turn off unneeded lights. 


Public offices were also ordered not to use natural gas for heating unless essential, to bring down security illumination to a minimum and to cut off decorative illumination. 


A watchdog commission has been established to monitor the implementation of the measures, the circular said. – (AFP) 


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