US-based companies eager to participate in Gitex Cairo

Published November 15th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

US-based information technology companies are confirming their participation in the third annual Gitex Cairo exhibition to be held April 4-7, 2001, at the Cairo International Conference Center in Egypt. Industry analysts claim Egypt has one of the world’s fastest growing IT markets. Boasting a thriving software industry and relaxed legislation to encourage the continued growth of its IT sector, it is fast becoming an attractive marketplace for a variety of international and multi-national organizations.  


This year’s event will integrate Scan-Tech Egypt, and feature the most important multi-national manufacturers from around the world showcasing the latest in ‘automatic information and data capture’ (AIDC) products and solutions. In addition, leading experts will participate in a three-day conference, introducing visitors to the features and benefits of a wide range of AIDC products and applications, including bar coding and radio frequency options which can support an array of industry sectors. 


Belkin Components, an international company based in the United States with distribution centers and sales offices in the US and the United Kingdom and a sales office in Holland will participate in Gitex Cairo for the second consecutive year. 


“We had an overwhelming reception at last year’s show. During Gitex Cairo 2000 our universal serial bus (USB) products, which connect external devices to PCs, were the center of attention for Egyptian visitors. Our research confirms Egypt has a large, lucrative market and we are determined to crack it - Gitex Cairo will help us achieve that goal,” said Ali Emad, Belkin’s director of sales. 


Belkin manufactures and distributes a variety of products from bulk cables to KVM switches, USB and Firewire products, computer and mobile phone accessories, surge protectors and universal protection systems (UPSs). Gulflink Services International, based in California, will also be returning in 2001. 


“Gulflink has been a regular exhibitor at Gitex Dubai for more than eight years and last year we made our debut at Gitex Cairo. It proved to be a successful venture and we look forward to returning in 2001 to extend our services to more Egyptian businesses. As a company that knows what’s hot in the IT market we can help clients get the best value for their money and consolidate international shipments to reduce costs, simplify the paperwork and minimize hassles,” said Jack Kline, owner of GulfLink. 


“As the most important IT event in Egypt, Gitex Cairo attracts visitors and trade professionals from throughout Egypt, the Middle East, the Levant and North Africa. North American companies eager to get a foothold in a market that promises to be lucrative are making numerous inquiries and I expect there will be a marked increase in their participation in 2001,” said Dijana Likic, International Project Manager for Gitex Cairo. 


MidEastOnLine (MEOL), a business-to-business (B2B) Internet Service Portal founded by a group of entrepreneurs from the USA and the Middle East, and based in New York, will make its debut at Gitex Cairo in 2001. It has established its presence in the UAE and Saudi Arabia through the appointment of Systems Integrators to market its portal and support members in these regions, and through Gitex Cairo 2001 will seek to establish its presence in Egypt. 


MidEastOnLine supports numerous Middle East business enterprises with annual sales exceeding $5 million, by providing a range of services including an English/Arabic bulletin board, talent pool, yellow pages, business news, financial markets information and website building. In addition as a member of MEOL, organizations gain automatic access to the MEOL MRO Marketplace and an opportunity to participate in other regional and international e-marketplaces and a suite of value-added services. 


“We are excited about participating in Gitex Cairo 2001 so we can promote our services to a broad range of business interests in Egypt. We are keen to identify Systems Integrators in Egypt to partner with MEOL and help recruit and service Egyptian enterprises. By enlisting leading Egyptian companies as charter members, we are confident we can make significant inroads in the Egyptian market,” said Frank Ocwieja, Vice President of Business Development at MEO 


Gitex Cairo was launched in April 1999 and in 2000 it occupied a net area of about 2,500 square meters at the Cairo International Conference Center. In 2000, 20 countries were represented at the event, including Canada, China, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Italy, Jordan, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States, which attracted numerous IT professionals. 


The exhibition will again be complemented by the Reseller Channel Forum, the Gitex Cairo 2001 Conference being organised by Datamatix, USA, Microsoft’s Tech.Ed Conference, and the Gitex Cairo Computer Shopper 2000. 


Gitex Cairo 2001 will feature live demonstrations, product launches and the latest in computer products, including systems hardware and software solutions to support desktop publishing, office automation, multimedia, multilingual applications, networking and business communications and on-line information services.

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