US urges Lebanon to respect Syrian sanctions

Published November 13th, 2011 - 07:37 GMT

Washington reminded Beirut of the importance of exerting the approved sanctions on Syria, said Daniel Glaser, Assistant Secretary of the US treasury, in a one-day visit to Lebanon. This visit comes in light of a three-country campaign to firm up sanctions against Syria and to tackle transnational organized crime.

Assistant Secretary Daniel Glaser, along with US Ambassador to Lebanon, Mora Konalli, met the Lebanese prime minister who affirmed that the financial sector is Lebanon’s backbone to both the public and private sector and that he will be intolerant toward any attempts to destabilize it.

Mr. Daniel also met with the governor of the Bank of Lebanon and the president of the Lebanese Banks association without making any public statements.

The US Embassy announced that Glaser is pressing the authorities to keep the financial sector as clean and transparent as possible for the well-being of Lebanon and also to “remain vigilant against attempts by the Syrian regime to evade U.S. and EU sanctions.”

The financial sector is seen by Washington as a possible avenue for Syria to circumvent international sanctions.

Finally, Daniel Glaser reiterated the US’s commitment to a stable, sovereign and independent Lebanon. (Source:


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