Volkswagen emissions scandal: an overview of events

Published September 27th, 2015 - 04:00 GMT

The emissions scandal at German carmaker Volkswagen has rocked the sector since the weekend.

Here is an overview of events:

Friday, September 18: The US Environmental Protection Agency accuses the German firm of using software to circumvent standards for certain air pollutants. VW initially refuses to comment.

Saturday, September 19: The German environmental group Deutsche Umwelthilfe calls for a driving ban on diesel cars, claiming the problem is not unique to the US, but even worse in Europe.

Sunday, September 20: Volkswagen chief Martin Winterkorn announces a comprehensive investigation saying he was "deeply sorry that we have broken the trust of our customers and the public." A VW spokesman later admits the tests were manipulated by the installed software.

Monday, September 21: Volkswagen shares plunge more than 20 per cent with the company halting the sale of diesel cars with four-cylinder engines in the US. This affects both models by VW and its subsidiary Audi, including used cars. "In my German words, we totally screwed up." VW's US chief Michael Horn tells an audience in New York.

Tuesday, September 22: Volkswagen says 11 million cars worldwide installed with emission cheating software and sets aside 6.5 billion euros (7.3 billion dollars) to cover costs of the scandal resulting in further sell off of VW shares.

In a video statement, Winterkorn says he is "terribly sorry" for the scandal that has rocked his company, saying it "contradicts everything that Volkswagen stands for."

Wednesday, September 23: Winterkorn resigns to accept responsibility for the scandal.

Thursday, September 24: German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt says Volkswagen vehicles in Europe also equipped with emissions cheating equipment as VW braces itself for wave of litigation around the world.

Friday, September 25: Volkswagen supervisory board appoints Porsche head Matthias Mueller as the new VW chief executive.

By Jan-Henrik Petermann

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