Wallpaper video? LG to make TV so thin, it can be held up using magnets

Published May 24th, 2015 - 09:46 GMT

LG has shown off a TV less than 1mm thick that can be bent and mounted as easily as a piece of wallpaper.

The TV is just a concept at the moment, but it hopes that it can eventually make TVs that are mounted simply using magnets, taking up barely any space.

It is attached to the wall using a special magnetic mat. The pad is stuck to the wall, and the display itself is then magnetically attached to the pad. It can then be peeled off just as easily.

As well as making it simple to mount the TV, the small size should mean that it will take up much less space. As well as being only 0.97mm thick, the light 1.9-kg weight means that it won't need the big mounts that are normally needed to stick a TV on the wall.

The TV uses OLED technology, the use of which LG is ramping up, according to the Korea Times. OLED allows displays to be much smaller than other technologies, because it doesn't need a spacious backlight like LCD screens, and it can be bent while still working.

As well as making its own TVs, LG makes displays for a range of other clients. The company said that it had received increase interest in the OLED TVs from different clients, but it didn't say who.

It revealed other OLED screens at the event, including a big convex panel that can be used for outdoor advertising. The company says that development of the technology is moving much faster than previous ones like LCD, and that other companies are expected to be rolling out their own implementations.

By Andrew Griffin

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