Which of These 5 Job Seekers Are You?

Published March 10th, 2019 - 11:31 GMT
Which of These 5 Job Seekers Are You? (Shutterstock)
Which of These 5 Job Seekers Are You? (Shutterstock)

We all know what the job search process consists of nowadays; networking, building a CV and an online profile, looking for vacancies, and finally applying to the ones that fit our qualifications and waiting for the employers to reply.

But we are also different and we approach the job search process in our own ways. We have different personalities, different habits, different perceptions and different ways of interpreting information. In other words, job seekers will almost always interpret the process in their unique ways and add a hint of their own personality to their applications.

For example, for some job seekers, it is important to follow up more than once with the employer. For others, it is an unnecessary step.

Here are some of the different types of job seekers we identified. Which one are you?

1. The Persistent Job Seeker


The job seeker who does not simply submit his CV and wait for the employer to get back to him. This type of job seeker makes sure to follow-up on his application, whether through emailing the employer or calling his office, and does not stop until he/she gets a response. Although you might think that this is an annoying process, it might in fact prove to the employer that you are passionate and interested in the job vacancy. It could also show that you are the type of job candidate who does everything it takes to capture the employer’s attention.

As per Bayt.com’s “Hiring Practices in the Midxdle East and North Africa” poll, 28.8% of employers look for “hunger, drive and ambition” as the most important factors when making a hiring decision. However, keep in mind that persistence should also be reasonable. There is no need to bombard the employer with emails and phone calls. That can easily lead to negative consequences.

2. The Passive Job Seeker


The job seeker who likes to keep an eye on the market and stays alert to all the job vacancies posted online but does not necessarily apply or contact the employer. Such job seekers are, according to the employers, not actively looking for jobs and are difficult to identify.

But there is always a chance that employers will get in touch with you instead of you applying. Thousands of employers look for candidates using Bayt.com’s CV search, without posting their vacancies online.

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There are many reasons as to why a job seeker may not be actively applying for vacancies. However, if you are in fact aiming to get a new job, then you should use all of the tools that are available to you from Bayt.com and apply for the jobs announced.

3. The Last-minute Job Seeker


The job seeker who spends all his time looking for a job online and browsing every single job site to make sure he/she doesn’t miss a vacancy, but does not actually apply to these vacancies until the very last minute. Unfortunately, this type of job seeker is considered a “procrastinator”, and although we all love to relax and procrastinate here and there, we strongly advice against it when it comes to jobs.

Employers who keep their vacancies online on Bayt.com for two months receive hundreds and hundreds of applicants for each position. Sometimes, an employer may need to fill their vacancy urgently and they cannot afford to wait until the job posting expires. They receive many qualified candidates to hire from and so they move on with the early-birds.

So, our advice for you is to always be on top of your job search game. Whenever you find a position that interests you and suits your skills, go ahead and apply! Certainly do the necessary proofreading and customization, but don’t wait too long before you submit.

4. The Too-casual Job Seeker


The job seeker who does not do much when it comes to looking and applying for jobs available online and in case he/she does apply for a vacancy, he/she takes things easy and does not do much beyond that click of a button. They might not provide a cover letter, proofread their documents, or provide sufficient answers.

This is the type of job seeker who needs to be more careful in order not to send the wrong message to the employer. Taking the job search process as well as the interview too casually and not preparing for them well might cause the employer to think that you are not really interested in landing a job. In fact, poor preparation is the most common mistake job seekers make during an interview and when they apply for jobs.

5. The Successful job seeker


The job seeker who knows that looking for a new job can become a job in itself. They invest enough energy and effort, they apply on time, and they follow up.

But is that it? No,  there is more.

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